0033:The Customer Is Not Authorized For The Content Requested

customer authorized

How do you fix 0033 The customer is not authorized for the content requested?

Try signing into your DirecTV account on your PC and refreshing your services. Then try signing in again to the NBC app and let us know if you still get the error message. You should also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and make sure you’re using the correct sign in credentials.

Error 0033: Customer Not Authorized for Content Requested

When attempting to access protected content, a user may experience the following error: 0033: The Customer is Not Authorized for the Content Requested.

This error may be encountered when trying to access secure content, including websites that require logins, subscription-based services and other forms of protected content.

Causes of Error 0033

Error 0033 results when the user is not authorized to access the requested content. The most common causes of this error include:

  • The user’s login credentials are incorrect (e.g. username or password)
  • The user’s access privileges to the content have expired or are otherwise unavailable
  • The content has changed (moved, deleted, renamed, etc.)

Solutions for Error 0033

Error 0033 is typically a simple fix and can usually be resolved by following the steps below:

  • Check login credentials: ensure the login information provided is correct.
  • Verify user access:Confirm that the user has the correct level of access to the content.
  • Check for content changes:Look for any changes in the content, such as the address, name, or file type.

If the user still experiences the error after trying the above-mentioned steps, they should contact the content provider for further assistance.