A Lull In The Sea Season 2

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The anime series A Lull In The Sea spawned huge popularity among viewers worldwide, and fans were eagerly waiting for a Season 2. Set in a magical world of sea and land, this anime follows the adventures of human who live in a world of sea and land. After the first season, has been announced, and fans are ecstatic to find out what’s in store!


Set in the near future where people have forgotten the tales of the sea, the main characters of the show are divided into two groups; one group lives on the land, and the other lives in a small seaport village. Despite their differences, the two groups create a unique bond by overcoming their differences and helping each other. In the second season, the main characters face a new and more dangerous threat; an alien force that is out to conquer both land and sea. In order to protect their precious bonds they will have to work together and prove their strength.


The show follows the main characters, who are divided into two groups.

Land group

  • Hikari Sakishima
  • Chisaki Hiradaira
  • Tsumugu Kihara
  • Kaname Isaki
  • Sayu Hisanuma

Sea Group

  • Manaka Mukaido
  • Uroko Satsuki
  • Miuna Shiodome
  • Akihei Kaname
  • Akira Shiodome

Trailer and Release

A new preview of the show has already been released, and it promises a much more action-packed and intense story in Season 2. With the thrilling soundtrack, visuals, and the exciting plot, it looks like the second season of A Lull In The Sea is going to be the best one yet. Season 2 is set to be released in 2021, so get ready for an adventure that will draw you in and keep you hooked!