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Why is American Dad getting taken off Hulu?

We do our best to keep your favorite shows in our lineup, but our streaming rights to American Dad! are currently set to expire on 9/29 ( We’ll be sure to share your interest in seeing the show stay in our Hulu streaming library!

American Dad Season 15 on Hulu

American Dad, a cult classic animated sitcom, is returning with its 15th season on Hulu this fall. The show is beloved for its racial/ social commentary and iconic main characters. This upcoming season promises to bring even more laughs as the Smith household continues to navigate their wacky adventures.

Highlights of Season 15

  • The return of Francine’s twin sister – Gisele
  • The Smiths visit the parallel universe – Parallel Universe-1
  • The return of former villains – Moon Man and Ragtime Cowboy
  • Stan joins the Winter Wonderland gang to battle an upstart Christmas rival
  • The Smiths explore the depths of the ocean by visiting The Zone of Silence

American Dad Season 15 is set to be the funniest and most outrageous season yet. With the introduction of new characters, bold adventures, and impossible missions, Roger, Stan, Francine and the rest of the Smith family will keep you laughing all the way through. Catch up with American Dad, now streaming exclusively on Hulu.