Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 4

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Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 4 titled “It’s Not About You” aired on March 5, 2018. This episode follows Andi as she struggles to find balance between her best friends placed in opposition to each other.


The episode opens with Andi and her friends at the mall buying items for their upcoming missions. Buffy has been assigned to take a Trifecta Missions mission, while Cyrus has been assigned to take his Dad’s mission to build a bridge. Andi is conflicted over which mission she should take.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ Dad invites him to a dinner with a potential business partner and his family. While trying to convince Buffy to do the same mission, Cyrus is shocked to learn that Andi knows Buffy’s dad. The tension between the two of them escalates, resulting in Andi spending the night at Bex’s.

The next day, Bex introduces Andi to a group of mission veterans that help her sort out her feelings about her friends. Andi and Buffy make amends, and Andi decides to join Cyrus on his mission.


This episode focuses on themes of friendship, loyalty, and compromise. Andi has to find a way to keep her friends in harmony, compromise her own wishes for the benefit of her friends and family and show loyalty to her friends.


is a strong and emotional episode that demonstrates the importance of friendship. The writing is intelligent and the characters are well-rounded. The homage to mission veterans was particularly touching. This episode is a great reminder of the power of friendship, and it is sure to have viewers feeling hopeful and inspired.