Antennas Direct & Mohu Are Having a Sale Just in Time For The Super Bowl

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Antennas Direct & Mohu are Having a Sale Just in Time For The Super Bowl


With the Super Bowl just around the corner, Antennas Direct and Mohu are having a sale on products that enable you to watch the game without any fees or cable subscriptions. Whether you’re looking for an HDTV antenna or Wi-Fi streaming, both companies offer a variety of options that are sure to fit your needs and budget.

Discounts and Deals

Antennas Direct is offering a 10% discount off their ClearStream 1 range indoors, with a bonus of free shipping on orders over $50. They also have discounts on their ClearStream 2, 4, and 5 antennas, offering up to a 20% savings depending on the type purchased.

Mohu is also offering a great deal, providing a 20% discount on all orders placed before the start of the big game. Additionally, they are offering free two-day shipping on orders of over $49 and free accessories with each purchase of their brand’s HDTV antennas and digital streaming products.


What if I don’t have an antenna?

Both Antennas Direct and Mohu offer a variety of products that can help you get the best signal for your area. Antennas Direct provides a product finder tool to help you determine the best antenna for your situation and provides helpful guides to ensure your installation is successful. Likewise, Mohu provides an HDTV signal finder tool and product reviews to help you determine the right antenna for you.

Do I need special Wi-Fi streaming hardware?

No. While special hardware can be helpful to optimize your streaming, both Antennas Direct and Mohu are compatible with most current Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and streaming boxes.

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Are installation services available?

Installation services are available at an additional cost. Antennas Direct and Mohu both provide installation services in some areas. Contact each company directly for more information about installation services.


Whether you’re looking for an antenna or Wi-Fi streaming device, Antennas Direct and Mohu are offering great deals just in time for the Super Bowl. Don’t miss out on these discounts and take advantage of their products to help you make the most of the big game.
Happy Super Bowl watching!