At&T Kids Watch

child watch

Does AT&T have a child watch?

The AT&T Secure Family App helps do things like monitor your child’s location, manage your kids’ screen time, and filter out inappropriate content with parental controls.

Introducing AT&T Kids Watch – the Perfect Watch for the 21st Century Parent

Parents in the 21st century know that modern technology can help make parenting easier. The AT&T Kids Watch is bridging the gap between parental convenience and children’s safety.

A Parent’s Best Friend

Parents can now keep an eye on their children with ease thanks to the AT&T Kids Watch. Here are just a few of the features that make it so helpful:

  • Voice Calling: The watch allows parents to establish up to ten emergency contacts. This group includes the immediate family and can also be customized depending on what the parent feels is necessary. A caller ID system is also included which verifies the emergency contacts when placing a call.
  • GPS Tracking: Parents can use their mobile device to locate their child at any time. In addition, parents can also set up a “Safe Zone” to receive alerts if their child steps outside of the predetermined boundaries.
  • Activity Monitoring: Parents are able to track their child’s activity levels and check in on their well-being.

A Child’s Best Friend

Don’t worry, the AT&T Kids Watch isn’t just a great way for parents to monitor their children. It’s also a great way for children to enjoy their freedom with a little extra protection.

  • Interactivity: The watch comes with several fun features that keep kids engaged. Games, music, rewards, and even photos can be sent to the watch to keep kids entertained.
  • Education: The watch also comes with educational software designed to teach children about being safe, developing better communication skills, and more.
  • Independence: The watch allows children to explore the world around them with a little extra safety. This helps them develop the confidence they need to become independent and responsible adults.

Feel Safe & Connected with AT&T Kids Watch

The AT&T Kids Watch is the perfect way for parents to stay connected and safe with their children, while giving them the freedom to be as independent as they are ready to be. The AT&T Kids Watch is a must have parenting tool!

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