Att Uverse Going Away 2016

replacing U-verse

What is replacing AT&T U-verse?

While existing customers can still use U-Verse TV, new customers can experience great TV through DIRECTV STREAM. Our service offers the hit movies and TV shows you’ve always loved—plus, DIRECTV STREAM carries more regional sports networks than other streaming services.

What is Att Uverse?

Att U-Verse is an Internet, television, and phone service that was created by AT&T Inc. and launched in 2006. The service was designed to provide users with high-speed internet and digital TV with an additional feature of VoIP phone service. U-Verse had become one of the rival services to cable, satellite and fiber optic alternatives.

Why is Att Uverse Going Away?

As of November 30th, 2016 AT&T announced the discontinuation of the U-Verse service. Reasons for the termination of this service include the development of a more advanced service from AT&T called GigaPower and the lack of certain programming that had become popular with competitors, such as HBO Go.

What Will Happen To Existing Att Uverse Subscribers?

Customers who are already subscribed to U-Verse will have their service continued until the end of their current contract. Subscribers are also being offered discounted rates or even free upgrades to GigaPower or one of their DirecTV packages to replace the U-Verse service.

Potential Benefits Of Canceling Att Uverse

Although many customers will be sad to see the U-Verse services leave and may think that they are losing out, there are some potential benefits associated with switching over to an alternative such as GigaPower or DirecTV.

  • More Options: GigaPower and DirecTV offer more options and features than the U-Verse services.
  • Better Picture Quality: GigaPower and DirecTV offer superior picture quality compared to U-Verse.
  • Higher Speed: GigaPower and DirecTV offer faster internet speeds compared to U-Verse.


Although it is sad to see the end of the Att U-Verse service, customers who make the switch to GigaPower or DirecTV may find a lot of benefits. GigaPower and DirecTV offer a range of packages, better picture quality, and faster internet speeds than Att U-Verse. It is recommended that customers make the switch now before the end of their current contract to ensure they are not stuck paying a higher rate.

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