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What is AT&T replacing watch TV with?

What to know. WatchTV went away on November 30, and we’re updating our premium add-on selections for AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM Premium. If you chose a premium channel or music service as part of your &More Premium plan, it’ll be discontinued. But, we’ll replace it with HBO MaxTM at no extra charge.

Verify Your Subscription with AT&T Watchtv.Com

Do you want to verify your AT&T Watchtv subscription? Here’s what you need to do!

What You’ll Need

  • Mobile or Home Account: To verify your subscription, you’ll need an AT&T Watchtv registered and active mobile or home account.
  • AT&T ID and Password: With your username and password, you’ll be able to log into your AT&T Watchtv subscription and check its status.
  • Valid Payment Method: Your payment method must be up-to-date for your AT&T Watchtv subscription to be verified.

Steps to Verify Your Subscription

  1. Log into your AT&T Watchtv account.
  2. Under “My Account”, click “Device Settings.”
  3. Locate “Subscription Status” and click “Verify Now.”
  4. Verify your payment information and make sure everything is up-to-date.
  5. You should now see your subscription verified.

What else can you do with AT&T Watchtv?

Now that your AT&T Watchtv subscription is verified, you can take advantage of all the awesome features that come with it! You can:

  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Access AT&T channels including HBO and Cinemax.
  • Stream content on multiple compatible devices.
  • Enjoy parental controls if you have children at home.

Verifying your AT&T Watchtv subscription is an easy yet important process. With this, you can make the most of your AT&T Watchtv subscription and enjoy the best entertainment experience!