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How do I set up a tuner on my VIZIO TV?

These instructions come directly from Vizio’s support site. Press the INPUT button on your remote to view your current input source, If the TV input is not selected, press INPUT until the TV input mode is selected, Open the on-screen menu and select TV or Tuner option, Highlight Tuner Mode and select the correct option:

Best TV Tuner for Vizio

If you own a Vizio TV and want to upgrade your television performance and improve your viewing experience, the best tuner to purchase is the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo. This amazing TV tuner is easy to set up and will help you extend the capabilities of your Vizio TV.

Why Should You Upgrade to the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo?

Upgrading to the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo will give you access to a range of features that improve your viewing experience such as:

  • HD Streaming: Enjoy streaming in stunning HD quality with up to 1080p resolution.
  • Dual Tuners: Get access to over-the-air TV broadcasts and on-demand services at once through two tuners.
  • Smart Recording: Schedule and record multiple shows at the same time without having to keep an eye on the clock.
  • Voice Control:Use voice commands to control your TV viewing experience.

Setting Up The HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo

Setting up the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo is straightforward and simple. All you need is an Internet connection and your TV. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo to your home network.
  • Organize your favorite channels through the HDHomeRun app.
  • Connect your Vizio TV to the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo.
  • Start streaming and recording shows with ease.


The HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo is the best TV tuner for Vizio TV owners. It’s easy to set up and gives you access to amazing features that elevate your viewing experience. So, if you want to upgrade your television performance and get the most out of your Vizio, the HDHomeRun SCRIBE Duo is the perfect choice.

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