Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 1 Full Episode

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Is Big Little Lies season 1 on Netflix?

But is Big Little Lies on Netflix? Sadly, no. You can, however, rent the DVD of season one on Netflix the old fashion way: they’ll deliver a DVD or Blu-Ray disc to your home.


Having started watching Big Little Lies on HBO, I found the story and its characters intriguing, as it brings out the complexities of our lives. The season 1 episode 1 of Big Little Lies felt like a nerve-wracking and darkly funny entrée into the journey of five can’t-look-away moms linked in an unexpected way.

The Characters:

The episode reveals the lives of five women with different behaviors and personalities:

  • Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon): A perfectionist and overbearing mom who is always trying to control her children’s lives.
  • Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman): A harried mom of twin boys, married to the same age-old childhood sweetheart.
  • Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley): A yoga instructor, single mom and recent mother moved into town with a mysterious past.
  • Renata Klein (Laura Dern): An ambitious, fierce and passionately devoted mom of a young daughter.
  • Bonnie Carlson (Zoe Kravitz): A happy-go-lucky nature enthusiast who is Madeline’s second wife and mother of Abigail’s step-sister.

The Plotline:

Episode 1 begins with these 5 mothers showing up to the school event and their confrontation with another mom and their children’s teacher. This eventually leads to an accident at the school with police being called.

The show strings the story together with flashbacks that the audience was not expecting. These flashbacks, although seemingly insignificant at first, allude to a far darker and complex plan than the viewer could have predicted.

The episode progresses with each woman trying to solve her own problem and confronting her own struggles, which all appear to be interlinked in a mysterious way. It leaves the viewers wanting to watch more and find out what happens next.

Overall Thoughts:

Big Little Lies season 1, episode 1 raises more questions than answers and it sparks curiosity. It promises a lot of suspense and thrilling twists that will keep you hooked to the series.

The show does not shy away from depicting the problems that are associated with parenting and remains true to the complexities of human life. The crisp cinematic effect and the stellar actors make it a must-watch.

Overall, the season 1 opener of Big Little Lies is a must-see episode and I would highly recommend it to the viewers.