Can I get AMC on Sling TV?

What sling package has AMC?

Sling Blue ($40/month) The following channels are included with Sling Blue: A&E. AMC.

Can I Get AMC on Sling TV?


Sling TV is a streaming service that offers access to a variety of live and on-demand TV channels. It is a popular option for cord-cutters who want to access their favorite shows and movies without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. One of the most popular channels available on Sling TV is AMC, the home of hit shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. So, can you get AMC on Sling TV?

Can You Get AMC on Sling TV?

The short answer is yes. AMC is available on both Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages, as well as the Sling Orange + Blue package. This means that you can access AMC’s live and on-demand content on any of these packages.

What Else Can You Get on Sling TV?

In addition to AMC, Sling TV offers access to over 50 live and on-demand channels. Some of the other popular channels available on Sling TV include ESPN, CNN, TNT, TBS, Fox Sports, and more.


What Shows Can I Watch on AMC?

AMC offers a variety of hit shows, including The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Fear the Walking Dead, Into the Badlands, Preacher, and more.

How Much Does Sling TV Cost?

Sling TV offers three different packages: Sling Orange ($30/month), Sling Blue ($30/month), and Sling Orange + Blue ($45/month). You can also add additional channel packages for an extra fee.

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Can I Watch AMC On-Demand?

Yes, you can watch AMC on-demand with Sling TV. Just select the On Demand tab in the Sling TV app to access AMC’s library of on-demand content.


In conclusion, you can get AMC on Sling TV. With access to both live and on-demand content, you can watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want. So if you’re looking for a way to watch AMC without a cable subscription, Sling TV is a great option.