Cancel At&T Next Plan


How long is AT&T next contract?

Pay off your phone in 36 months. Low monthly payments. $0 down*, 0% interest.

What is the AT&T Next Plan?

AT&T Next Plan is a cellular and phone service plan offered by AT&T that allows customers to upgrade their device every year or two years. The plan spreads the cost of a device over 24 installments, including an upgrade fee, which can be paid off in either 12 or 24 monthly payments.

What are the benefits provided by AT&T Next Plan?

The AT&T Next Plan has a few noteworthy benefits:

  • The ability to upgrade your device once it has been paid off.
  • Zero-dollar down payment.
  • No long-term contract, allowing customers to upgrade or cancel their plan at any time.
  • No additional taxes or fees.

How to Cancel AT&T Next Plan

Cancelling an AT&T Next Plan is easy:

  • Call AT&T customer care at 1-800-331-0500 and request to cancel your plan.
  • Pay off any remaining balance on your account.
  • Confirm your cancellation with AT&T.

Once you have cancelled your plan, you will no longer be charged for it, and you will be free to choose a different plan or purchase a new device.


The AT&T Next Plan is a great way to upgrade your device every year or two without having to sign a long-term contract. The plan allows you to spread the cost of your device over 12 or 24 monthly payments, and provides the flexibility to upgrade or cancel your plan at any time. To cancel the plan, simply call AT&T customer care and follow the steps outlined above.