Can’T Skip Ads On Youtube

How do I force YouTube to skip ads?

Try Tab+Enter. During the pre-roll ad on a YouTube video, hit Tab+Enter.

Can’t Skip Ads on Youtube

Ads are an unfortunate part of the internet and Youtube is no exception. For many of us, ads are just a nuisance that must be endured, but for some, ads have become a major source of income. This article will explore the reasons why skipping YouTube ads isn’t always possible.

1. Revenue for Content Creators

Content creators are the main reason why YouTube is such a popular platform. The streaming video service has opened up a world of possibilities for artists, athletes, and everyday people, who all share a piece of themselves with the world. Unfortunately, with the huge delight of content come huge costs. One of the main sources of income for creators is from the ads that play before, during, or after their videos. Skipping ads would, therefore, have a major impact on the amount of revenue they make, leaving many without the means to produce quality content.

2. YouTube’s Rules for Ads

YouTube also has rules which govern the ads viewers see when watching a video. These Rules state that ads must play for a certain amount of time, to ensure that all viewers are exposed to the ad and that the creator is compensated for their work. Skipping ads would, therefore, be seen as breaking the rules, making it a serious offence.

3. Advertiser’s Investment

Ads are also a major source of revenue for advertisers. They spend Billions of dollars every year to showcase their products and services to potential customers and expect to get a return on investment. If ads weren’t shown or were skipped, then the advertiser wouldn’t get the full return they are after, and their money spent would be wasted.


So, at the end of the day, skipping ads on YouTube isn’t always possible. We should think about this before pressing the ‘skip’ button as it will have serious consequences for both content creators and advertisers.

Ultimately, ads are a necessary evil on YouTube and we should learn to accept them as part of the package.