Cast to Roku from PC

Getting to cast or screen mirror your windows screen to your Roku is just a tap or click away. Watching has been made easier and more enjoyable since you can project your videos or music from your PC to a bigger screen or TV. 

Following the steps and guidelines below, you can easily cast to Roku from your PC in a split of a second. Show your desktop’s screen wirelessly on another and better display using the Roku app. For this to be possible, your PC and Roku should be connected to one stable and working network. 

Using your Roku as the receiver, you can broadcast anything on your android phone or windows onto your TV. Casting your PC’s screen to your Roku brings a better visual, enjoyable amazing Roku features and allows you to carry out other activities on your computer at the same time. 

Streaming your music and videos for a long period of time?  You can press Home on the Roku remote and switch navigation from your PC to the remote. Hereby, you can use your device to perform other tasks since the remote is also of so much convenience. 

Streaming has been made easy, your favorite documentary or movie on your PC/Windows with friends on Thursday Night will be watched at a better display on a ‘bigger’ screen. 

When it’s time to cast from your Windows 8, 10, or 10pro device, swipe in from the right or press the Windows key+ C to access the features (on a modern desktop) 

Your Roku should appear in the list of devices available and ready to connect with your Windows device.  Add and connect with your Roku or leave it to automatically connect and playback will be in a shake of a duck’s tail. 

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Your windows device should be modern enough to support miracast. This is because miracast needs a more stable and clean wifi network to work appropriately. If you can’t miracast, check out for any virtual programs installed on your windows device e.g. Virtual box. Get rid of them since they can easily tamper and interfere with your network.

How to Mirror Your Windows 10 to Roku 

Windows 10 has been made compatible with screen mirroring since it has a built-in mirroring feature that allows you to broadcast to your Roku from PC in a very simplified and easy way. 

Before starting to cast your music videos or the latest movie on the big screen, set up your Roku to ensure the screen mirroring feature is on in your Roku’s system settings 

Windows 10 comes along with incorporated support for miracast which puts it a step ahead of other PCs. 

However, some Windows 10 versions might not have this feature. It’s advisable to check out if your computer is miracast ready and fit for the deal. 

How To Check If My Windows 10 Is Miracast Ready

Type ‘connect’ on the device’s search box (Cortana) and click to connect.  

If your windows 10 supports miracast, the new window will display the following message on the screen ABC (your device’s name), is apt to connect. 

In a case whereby your windows device doesn’t support miracast; the following text will pop up: This device is unable to connect. 

How To Cast To Roku From Pc

Click home on your Roku remote and navigate to Settings on the options provided after the first click. Hit screen mirroring to enable the mirroring & broadcast feature. 

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Step 1 

Click the action center on your PC  

Regardless of whether your device is on tablet mode or not, the action center will always be at the bottom right corner of your windows device. Click the button to open the action center. For a Windows 10 mobile, a swipe from the bottom to the top of your device will do you the deal. 

Step 2 

Click Connect 

Expanding the action center of your windows will give several options. Click connect to start a scan for available connection devices. 

Step 3 

After the 2nd step, your PC will display a list of devices available for wireless connection in your surroundings. 

Step 4 

Check out for your Roku device, add it, and follow the on-screen guidelines to authorize the playback. The final step to connecting your PC will be setting the on-screen prompts to add your device to allowed devices. 

Always Allow 

This will mean that you won’t need any more prompts every time you get back and connect to your Roku. Your device will be connecting automatically and you’ll be on playback as soon as you hit the connect button on your device. 


This will create a one-time connection for the instant moment. Therefore, you’ll have to connect and choose a prompt for every consecutive broadcast time. 

Ignore And Always Ignore 

Considered to be the harshest duo of prompts when setting up a connection. Setting *ignore* will block the current connection with your device thus the inability to screen mirror your content.  Clicking *always ignore*  will blacklist your device and all connection attempts or prompts are certainly going to be in vain. Your device will be added to the blocked devices. However, you can change these system settings anytime to conform to situational requirements.

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For IOS users, here’s how to stream from iPhone to LG smart TV.

Cast to Roku from PC – Conclusion 

If windows fail to recognize your Roku as an available device then It’s probably not compatible with the process. It’s advisable to contact Microsoft for further assistance. Following and applying the above steps will triumph you to a better and bigger visual of whatever content you want to be displayed on your Roku TV. 

If your PC is a windows 10 version, you’re always a step ahead of other Windows users. This is because most Windows 10 devices have built-in support that will help you connect and get to screen mirror your content in a more simplified way.  Adhere to the guidelines to successfully cast to Roku from your PC and watch your favorite show with your friends from your Windows device to your screen.