Cbs On Dish Network Channel Number


Why is CBS not on Dish Network?

Dish was unable to reach an agreement with another media company. Due to ongoing disputes about a new carriage agreement with Cox Media Group (CMG), certain Dish subscribers are now facing a blackout of local stations. The channels were removed on the evening of Nov.

CBS on Dish Network Channel Number

Dish Network customers are able to access the CBS network on multiple channel numbers depending on their region. Here is all you need to know to access CBS on Dish Network.

CBS Channel Numbers

  • United States: CBS can be found on channel numbers 2 to 999
  • Canada: CBS can be found on channel numbers 2 to 999
  • South America: CBS can be found on channel numbers 4000 to 4999

Accessing CBS on Dish Network

In order to access CBS on Dish Network, simply tune to the appropriate channel number from the above regional listings and you will be able to watch the CBS network.

Signal Issues

If you are having trouble accessing CBS on Dish Network, make sure that the antenna or satellite dish is pointing in the right direction. This can usually solve any signal issues.

If you are still having trouble, contact Dish Network and they will be able to assist you in finding a solution.


CBS is a widely popular network that is available to Dish Network customers. This article has provided information on how to access the CBS network on Dish Network along with troubleshooting tips in case of signal issues.