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Manual For Channel Master DVR+

Channel Master DVR+ is the ideal device to revolutionize your TV viewing experience. It allows you to record your favorite shows, stream the latest movies, and access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The DVR+ is easy to use and provides many user-friendly features. This guide will serve as your manual and help you navigate the setup and operation of your Channel Master DVR+.

Getting Started

  • Register your account: The first step to using your DVR+ is to register your account. You can do this on the Channel Master website.
  • Connect your hardware: Connect the DVR+ to your TV and other necessary hardware components, such as a cable box and antenna.
  • Set up your device: Log in to your account to start the setup process. You’ll be guided through all the steps, from connecting your hardware to setting up streaming services.

Using the DVR+

  • Organize: The DVR+ makes it easy to keep track of all your TV shows and movies. You can create folders to organize your recordings and even mark them as favourites.
  • Record: There is no more having to remember when your shows air. Just set a series recording, and you’ll never miss an episode.
  • Stream: The DVR+ can stream a vast library of movies, TV shows, and music. You can access many popular streaming services including Netflix and Hulu.
  • Control: You can use the Channel Master remote to control all aspects of the DVR+, including recording, streaming, and more.


The Channel Master DVR+ is a powerful and user-friendly device that will revolutionize your TV viewing experience. With the help of this manual, you’ve been guided through the setup and operation. Now it’s time to start watching and enjoying all the DVR+ has to offer.

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