Direct Tv Adults Channels Free

unlock channel

How do I unlock my channel lock on DIRECTV?

Try Pressing/Holding Mute + Enter (under the number 9) at the same time, until a message say: “Applying IR/RF set up, please wait”. If that message doesn’t come up. Reset the receiver and when the picture comes back, try that exact step again.

DIRECTV Adult Channels For Free

Do you want to watch some of the top adult channels on DIRECTV for free? With the incredible selection of DIRECTV channels available, you can enjoy a variety of adult programming without any extra cost!

List of Adult Channels Available From DIRECTV

Here is a list of the best DIRECTV adult channels that are available for free:

  • Hustler TV
  • Playboy TV
  • Real Women
  • TEN
  • Juicy
  • Vivid TV
  • Viva
  • SexSee
  • XXXH

How To Access Free Adult Programming On DIRECTV

Accessing DIRECTV’s free adult channels is quite easy. All you have to do is find the Adult Entertainment category in the DIRECTV programming guide and you will have access to the adult channels.

You can also visit the HBO or Showtime websites for a direct link to these adult channels. Just follow the instructions to sign up for an account and access the programming.

So take advantage of the free adult programming available on DIRECTV and enjoy a night of adult entertainment!

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