Directv And Cbs Dispute 2016

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Directv And CBS Dispute 2016

Directv and CBS were involved in a dispute in 2016 to how much Directv would pay CBS to pick up their channels. This dispute was especially demanding for Directv customers, who were unable to watch CBS channels during the dispute.


The dispute was rooted in disagreement between Directv and CBS about the price for the CBS channels that Directv offered its customers. Specifically, Directv alleged that CBS was asking for too much money for their channels, and could not justify their demands.

Effects Of The Dispute

The dispute had a number of effects for Directv customers, who were unable to watch CBS channels for a time period:

  • Difficulty Accessing CBS Shows – Directv customers experienced difficulty in accessing some of their favorite CBS shows while the dispute was ongoing.
  • Frustration With Directv – Many Directv customers were frustrated due to the lack of access to CBS channels and their favorite shows.
  • Temporary Loss of Service – Although not permanent, many customers saw disruption to service, including not being able to record their favorite CBS shows.

Outcome Of The Dispute

Fortunately, the dispute was rectified and both Directv and CBS were able to come to a compromise. The compromise allowed Directv to continue to offer the CBS channels at an agreeable price, whilst protecting CBS’s rights to its content.


The Directv and CBS dispute of 2016 was a difficult and frustrating time for many Directv customers, but ultimately a compromise was reached that allowed both companies to protect their interests and provide satisfactory service to their customers.

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