DIRECTV Stream Excludes MLB TV and Extra Innings

DIRECTV Stream, a popular live streaming service, offers a wide range of channels and packages starting at $74.99 per month. However, despite its appeal, there are limitations to consider.

In this article, we explore the exclusion of MLB TV and MLB Extra Innings from DIRECTV Stream's offerings. As we delve into the reasons behind this, we also provide alternative options for those seeking to stream Major League Baseball games.

Stay informed and discover how to access MLB TV separately from DIRECTV Stream.

Key Takeaways

  • DIRECTV Stream does not carry MLB TV or MLB Extra Innings.
  • MLB Extra Innings is designed for cable, satellite, and telco TV services.
  • MLB TV is not available on any live streaming service.
  • Subscribers to DIRECTV Stream can separately subscribe to MLB TV.

The Difference Between DIRECTV Stream and DIRECTV

One major difference between DIRECTV Stream and DIRECTV is the number of channels available. DIRECTV offers a wide range of channels, including premium networks and sports packages, giving customers access to a vast selection of content.

On the other hand, DIRECTV Stream offers a more streamlined channel lineup, focusing on popular live TV channels and on-demand content. This difference in channel offerings affects the pricing as well.

DIRECTV packages tend to be more expensive, reflecting the extensive channel lineup and additional features such as DVR capabilities. In contrast, DIRECTV Stream packages start at a lower price point, making it a more affordable option for those seeking a simplified channel selection.

When comparing features and pricing, it is important for consumers to consider their individual preferences and needs to determine which service best suits them.

MLB Extra Innings: Not Available on DIRECTV Stream

The MLB Extra Innings package is not available on DIRECTV Stream. This means that subscribers to DIRECTV Stream will not have access to the MLB Extra Innings package, which is designed specifically for cable, satellite, and telco TV services.

MLB Extra Innings allows viewers to watch out-of-market games, giving them access to a wide range of baseball content.

It is important to note that MLB Extra Innings is different from MLB.TV, which is the league's online plan for out-of-market games. While MLB.TV can be subscribed to separately, it is also not available on any live streaming service.

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Therefore, for fans who want to access MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV, researching different streaming services or subscribing separately is recommended.


Is MLB TV available on DIRECTV Stream?

Unfortunately, MLB TV is not available on DIRECTV Stream. This means that subscribers to DIRECTV Stream will not be able to access MLB TV content through their streaming service.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • MLB TV is the league's online plan for out-of-market games, allowing fans to stream live baseball games.
  • MLB TV can be subscribed to separately, offering benefits such as access to all out-of-market regular season games, home and away broadcasts, and multi-game viewing.
  • While MLB TV is not available on DIRECTV Stream, there are alternative options for MLB streaming. Other live streaming services also do not carry MLB TV, so researching different streaming services is recommended to find the best option for accessing MLB content.

Exploring Alternative Options for MLB Streaming

Research different streaming services to explore alternative options for MLB streaming.

While DIRECTV Stream may not offer MLB TV or MLB Extra Innings, there are still alternative MLB streaming services available.

One such option is MLB TV itself, which can be subscribed to separately for $149.99. With an MLB TV subscription, fans can enjoy out-of-market games and access the MLB TV app to watch their favorite teams.

Other live streaming services, although they may not carry MLB TV, can still provide a variety of sports content and channels.

It is important to consider the benefits of an MLB TV subscription, such as the ability to watch games on-demand, access to archived games, and the option to choose between home and away broadcasts.

Exploring these alternative options can ensure that baseball enthusiasts don't miss out on their beloved sport.

Why MLB TV Is Not Included in Live Streaming Services

Although MLB TV is a popular online plan for out-of-market games, it is not included in live streaming services. This means that fans who want to watch MLB games through a streaming service will have to explore alternative options.

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Here are some reasons why MLB TV is not included in live streaming services:

  • MLB TV pricing and subscription options: MLB TV is a separate subscription that costs $149.99 per season. This pricing structure may not align with the pricing models of live streaming services, which typically offer packages at a lower monthly cost.
  • Licensing agreements: Live streaming services may not have the necessary licensing agreements in place to carry MLB TV. Obtaining the rights to stream MLB games can be a complex and expensive process, which may explain why live streaming services have not included MLB TV in their offerings.
  • Market demand: Live streaming services may prioritize other sports or content that has higher demand among their subscribers. While MLB TV has a dedicated fan base, it may not generate enough interest for live streaming services to justify including it in their packages.

How to Access MLB TV Separately From DIRECTV Stream

To access MLB TV separately from DIRECTV Stream, subscribers can subscribe to MLB TV and utilize the MLB TV app. By doing so, they gain access to out-of-market games and a wide range of additional features and content. It should be noted that MLB TV is not available on any live streaming service, so accessing it on other streaming platforms is not an option. However, by subscribing to MLB TV separately, subscribers can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of watching their favorite MLB games on the MLB TV app, without the need for a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Watching MLB TV: the MLB TV App Vs. DIRECTV Stream App

Interestingly, when it comes to watching MLB TV, there is a notable contrast between the MLB TV app and the DIRECTV Stream app.

  • Watching MLB TV on different devices: The MLB TV app allows users to watch games on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. This provides flexibility and convenience for MLB fans to enjoy their favorite games wherever they are.
  • MLB TV subscription cost: Subscribing to MLB TV separately costs $149.99 per year. This subscription allows users to access out-of-market games and enjoy additional features like live game DVR, multiple game viewing, and home and away broadcasts.
  • DIRECTV Stream app limitations: On the other hand, the DIRECTV Stream app does not support MLB TV. Therefore, subscribers of DIRECTV Stream cannot watch MLB games through this app and would need to use the MLB TV app to access the games.
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Conclusion: DIRECTV Stream's Exclusion of MLB TV and Extra Innings

DIRECTV Stream's exclusion of MLB TV and Extra Innings limits the availability of comprehensive MLB coverage for subscribers. While DIRECTV Stream offers a variety of channels and live streaming options, it does not include MLB TV or the MLB Extra Innings package.

This means that subscribers will not have access to out-of-market games or the extensive coverage provided by these services. The reason behind DIRECTV Stream's decision to not offer MLB TV or Extra Innings is unclear, but it is important for baseball fans to be aware of this limitation when considering their streaming options.

Fortunately, there are other streaming services available that do offer MLB coverage, such as YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. Researching and exploring these alternative options can help subscribers find a streaming service that meets their MLB viewing needs.


In conclusion, DIRECTV Stream falls short in providing access to MLB TV and MLB Extra Innings, limiting the options for baseball fans who wish to stream out-of-market games. While subscribers can access MLB TV separately, the exclusion of this service on live streaming platforms like DIRECTV Stream highlights the need for individuals to research alternative streaming options.

This limitation emphasizes the importance of considering the availability of specific sports packages when choosing a streaming service. As the saying goes, 'Don't strike out on your streaming options, explore all alternatives.'