Dish 4K Joey Release Date

How much will the 4K Joey cost?

What Does the DISH Joey Cost? The Joey, Wireless Joey, Joey 3.0 or 4K Joey you add to your home is only $5 per month with a 3-year TV price guarantee. The Super Joey, which adds an additional 2 tuners to your entertainment system, is $10 per month. Creating whole home entertainment is affordable with the DISH Joey.

Dish’s upcoming 4K Joey is set to bring an advanced 4K video experience to customers, but they are still yet to confirm a release date. However, based on statements from Dish, we can make an educated guess as to when the 4K Joey might be hitting the market.

Release Date Predictions

Dish has previously promised a “summer 2019” release for the 4K Joey, which most likely puts the device launching some time in June, July, or August of this year.

What to Expect From the 4K Joey

The 4K Joey is expected to be a huge step up from current models. Not only will it provide superior picture quality in 4K resolution, it also promises to support HDR and Dolby Vision content. It’s easy to navigate menus, access to the Google Play store, and wireless capabilities will also make it one of the most advanced media players yet.


Overall, the 4K Joey is sure to bring a better 4K experience to Dish customers. While there is still no confirmation on the exact release date, the most likely window for the device is most likely sometime this summer—most likely in June, July, or August of 2019.