Dish introduces AirTV 4K Android TV streaming device starting at $99.99

Starting today, you can purchase the all new AirTV streaming device by Dish which allows you to watch Sling TV, Netflix and more starting at $99.99.  Since the AirTV is built on the Android platform you also get access to a bunch of Google apps.  Let’s talk about what we know so far about this new device.  With a device called the AirTV adapter and antenna, you can pull in OTA channels right into the AirTV player.  This will give you one hook up, remote, guide and interface to make it a more seamless viewing experience.  The down side is that the adapter runs $39.99 or $29.99 when purchased with the AirTV player.   For the whole package it will cost you $129.99 if purchased together.

AirTV 4k Andoird TV Player

Time to talk about what we don’t know.  Since it runs on Android do we have full access to the Google play store?  Can we install Kodi onto the box?  How much memory does it have? How fast is the UI and what processor is it using?  Is it upgradeable? What if we do not have a Sling TV subscription, can we still use the OTA feature?

There seems to be a lot of unknowns about this device but it does look like they took some time to offer some unique features.  Until I can find out more about the specs I am not sure it is worth the hefty price tag.  One thing to consider is that when purchasing the device you will receive a $50 dollar credit toward your Sling TV subscription.