Disney Snowglobes Beauty And The Beast

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Disney Snowglobes featuring the beautiful story of Beauty and the Beast have become quite popular recently. There’s something quite magical about having a tiny replica of one of Disney’s most beloved classics. Whether it’s to take with you on a journey or to simply display in your home, here’s a look at some of the beauty and the beast snowglobes available today.


Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s classic fairy tales and it has inspired a wide range of snowglobes. From traditional to modern, there are snowglobes to fit any taste. Each one offers a unique look at this beloved story and the many themes within it.


  • Figurines – Most Snowglobes come with two or three figurines that are a part of the Beauty and the Beast story. These figurines often include the Beast, Belle, the enchanted rose, and a few other items that help tell the story.
  • Music – Many snowglobes will also feature music to accompany the figurines and the scene. This can be a classic Disney theme or a more updated version of it.
  • Lighting – An inviting feature of some snowglobes is the lighting. Everything from the changing colors of the figurines to the light that reflects off the water, it all helps add to the atmosphere.


  • Where can I buy Disney Snowglobes?

    You can find Disney Snowglobes at most major retailers or online.

  • Are these Snowglobes suitable for children?

    Yes, Disney Snowglobes are suitable for children. Keep in mind that some Snowglobes may feature faint lighting or small parts, so they should be handled with care.

  • What are some of the most popular Beauty and the Beast Snowglobes?

    Some of the most popular Beauty and the Beast Snowglobes include the Enchanting Evening Snowglobe, the True Love’s Kiss Snowglobe with lights, and the Enchanted Rose Snowglobe.


Disney Snowglobes featuring Beauty and the Beast make for a great addition to any home or collection. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern take on the fairy tale, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Not only do these beautiful snowglobes provide a great visual reminder of the classic tale, but they also provide a comforting reminder of the power of love.