Dixie Fox And The Hound 2

Will there ever be a Fox and the Hound 3?

The Film is Scheduled to be Released In Theaters on May 13, 2023.

The Disney classic The Fox and the Hound was released in 1981 to critical success. Fans of the original film have highly anticipated a sequel for decades, and the wait is finally over. Dixie Fox and the Hound 2 is finally here, and it has all the heartwarming moments, friendship, and good-natured fun of the original. Read on to learn more about this exciting sequel in the Fox and the Hound franchise.


In Dixie Fox and the Hound 2, after years of searching, Tod the Fox (voiced by Benji Gregory) finally reunites with his best friend, Copper the Hound Dog (voiced by Harry Dean Stanton). The two embark on a thrilling adventure involving plenty of excitement and dangerous yet funny moments. Along the way, they meet new animal friends and some exciting enemies. It’s a story sure to thrill young and old alike.


The bond between Tod and Copper is put to the test as they travel through a mysterious forest. They come across an old beaver dam, inhabited by a family of mischievous beavers. The beavers have destroyed part of the river, forcing the fox to brave the dangerous waters and try to restore the dam. Together Tod and Copper must act fast to fix the dam and turn the raging waters into a calm lake.

On their adventure, the two are aided by a kind and wise owl, Toby (voiced by Jeff Bennett), a deer doe, Dixie (voiced by April Winchell), and the beavers’ leader, Panama (voiced by Rico Rodriguez). They must also face off against some tricky adversaries, like the cunning fox hunters, Pete and Ike (voiced by Brian Stepanek and Long John Baldry). In the end, the two friends achieve their goal and fix the dam, restoring peace and balance to the river.


Tod the Fox is brave, courageous, and loyal to his best friend, Copper. He can sometimes be reckless and naive, but ultimately chooses the right path to take, with Copper at his side. He loves adventure and helps Copper stay positive even when things look bleak.

Copper the Hound Dog, while not as adventurous as Tod, always stands by him. He is always loyal and happy to be by his side. He is brave and always ready to help the other animals, even when it puts him in danger.

Toby the Owl is a wise old owl who always has the right advice for the group. He is an experienced traveler who can lend his wisdom to the group and help them find the right path.

Dixie the Deer Doe is a loyal and courageous friend to Tod and Copper. She helps the duo when they are in danger and gives them clues and advice throughout the journey.

Panama the Beaver is the leader of the misunderstood beavers. He helps Tod and Copper fix the dam, even though his own mischievous behavior is what caused the problem in the first place.

Important Lessons

At its heart, Dixie Fox and the Hound 2 is a story of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and understanding. The movie shows the importance of having a loyal friend at your side, of standing up for what’s right and speaking up for those in need. It also deals with themes of environmentalism and celebrating the beauty of nature.


Is The Fox and the Hound 2 a sequel to the 1981 Disney movie?

Yes, Dixie Fox and the Hound 2 is a sequel to the 1981 Disney movie The Fox and the Hound.

Who are the voice actors for Tod and Copper?

Tod the Fox is voiced by Benji Gregory. Copper the Hound Dog is voiced by Harry Dean Stanton.

What lessons are important in Dixie Fox and the Hound 2?

The movie deals with themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and understanding. It also touches on environmentalism and the importance of protecting nature.


Overall, Dixie Fox and the Hound 2 is an exciting and heartwarming sequel to the beloved Fox and the Hound franchise. Filled with adventure, plenty of laughs, and lots of exciting moments, this movie is sure to entertain the entire family. With its important themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and understanding, it’s sure to become a classic.