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Is Doc Martin Season 7 on Amazon Prime?

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Doc Martin Season 7 on Amazon Prime

The much-loved British television programme, Doc Martin, is now available as a complete season on Amazon Prime. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, there has never been a better time to binge-watch the show and revisit the world of Doctor Charles Martin, his family and friends, at the seaside village of PortWenn.

Season 7 of Doc Martin features several exciting episodes and storylines. This season, Martin’s career and marriage are on the line, as he must pass a medical assessment, or he may lose his medical license and job. The stakes are also high for his marriage to Louisa, as the couple’s future hangs in the balance amidst a range of emotions.

Here’s an overview of the Season 7 episodes:

  • Episode 1: When Louisa is accepted for teacher training, Martin is overjoyed – until he discovers the course runs for two years not one. He is persuaded to try for a medical review board to assess his battle with haemophobia.
  • Episode 2: Louisa’s faith in Martin during his medical review board assessment wavers, while he starts to doubt himself too. Meanwhile, Bert and Al get themselves into a sticky situation between Portwenn and Port Isaac.
  • Episode 3: With the medical review board still unmoved, Martin worries that his career is lost forever. Meanwhile, Joe meets an old flame.
  • Episode 4: Martin and Louisa enlist the help of a hypnotherapist to tackle Martin’s pathological aversion to blood. Meanwhile, Al’s job interview for the local lifeboat turns sour.
  • Episode 5: As Louisa considers leaving the marriage, Martin throws himself into a diagnostic mystery. Meanwhile, Ruth is flustered when Louisa’s ex-husband returns to Portwenn.
  • Episode 6: With the review board’s deadline looming, Martin is desperate to keep Louisa in his life. With time running out, the couple turns to Morwenna for help.
  • Episode 7: Struggling to cope with his situation, Martin experiences a breakdown. With his sanity in question, he rejects all offers of help. Louisa must decide if their marriage is worth fighting for.
  • Episode 8: With his life in tatters, Martin embarks on a depressive drive across the beautiful Cornish countryside – but can the people of Portwenn come together to save him?

So why not check out Season 7 of Doc Martin on Amazon Prime? The adventures of Martin, Louisa, and the rest of the villagers will delight fans both new and old of this long- running and popular show.