Dragon Age Origins Rescue The Queen

Queen Dragon

How do you save the Queen in Dragon Age Origins?

General Outline Arl of Denerim’s Estate. Travel to the Arl of Denerim’s Estate. Meet with Erlina, who helps you sneak in. Explore the main level and find your way to the dungeon, Dungeon. Confront Arl Howe. Converse with other prisoners, Main level reprise. Fight interior guards. Rescue Anora. Escape or surrender

Rescue The Queen in Dragon Age Origins

Are you ready to save Ferelden from the Blight? Join the Grey Wardens in their quest to Rescue The Queen in Dragon Age Origins.


The storyline of Rescue The Queen takes the player to Ferelden, a land being ravaged by the Blight (a deadly force of corrupted creatures). The Grey Wardens hold the only hope for the kingdom and must take on a dangerous mission to Rescue The Queen.


Rescue The Queen features:

  • Gritty combat – familiar pattern encourages strategic decision-making and customizations.
  • Unique party members – Experience a diverse assortment of characters and abilities to choose from.
  • epic storyline – follow an expansive quest to save Ferelden from The Blight.
  • Large scale battles – Take part in daunting battles with massive enemy numbers.
  • Moral choices – Every decision you make affects your progress in the story.


Rescue The Queen is the perfect entry point for players seeking an adventure in the Dragon Age universe. The game offers intense combat, moral choices, and an engaging storyline that will challenge players to their very core. Go ahead and join the Grey Wardens in their quest to save Ferelden from The Blight and Rescue The Queen!