Element Ti5 Android TV Box Review

Element Ti5 Android TV Box Review

Element Ti5 Android TV BoxIf you’re tired of paying monthly for channels that you never use, then the Element TI5 Android TV Box could be the solution that you have been hoping for. This handy little device instantly turns any television into a smart TV capable of streaming all of your favorite content. Using your WiFi signal and an HDMI cord, the Element TI5 uses many of the apps you are familiar with straight from the Google Playstore to give you access to movies, social media, the web, TV shows, and much more.

From the comfort of your own couch you can surf the web or browse through all of the apps you love using the remote. And with the latest android UI, you are guaranteed the highest quality of content delivered lightning fast. Best of all, with unlimited streaming you can utilize the Element TI5’s 4k capabilities to enjoy the sharpest images without ever worrying about data usage for you or your family. Simply point, click, and enjoy everything that your android device has always offered from your own TV!

Setup is a breeze thanks to the included HDMI cord and simple instructions. In just minutes you will be a pro navigating through the Element TI5’s straightforward interface to any of your most-used apps. Thanks to the 16 GB internal memory, as well as expandable memory via MicroSD, you have room for all of your subscriptions such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and so much more. Not a fan of subscribing? No problem. The Element TI5 also comes with plenty of KODI ad-ons to provide you with instant access to thousands of movies and shows absolutely free.

Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages and disadvantages this device comes with.

• The Element TI5 Android TV Box comes preloaded with KODI to give you access to thousands of your favorite movies, TV shows, and artists
• There is only a one-time fee when purchasing the box, saving you hundreds without a monthly cable bill.
• The package comes with the box itself, an HDMI cord for hook up, a remote, and an AC adapter for power.
• You will have access via WiFi or Ethernet to the Google Playstore to download any of the apps you love and already have subscriptions to such as Netflix and Hulu.
• The unlimited streaming and expandable storage capability allow you to browse the web and watch all your favorites to your heart’s content without ever worrying about data usage or space.
• With 4k resolution, your streaming experience will be of the highest quality, and with the Amlogic Quad Core, it will be one of the fastest available.

• Though affordable, the Element TI5 Android TV Box is an expensive one time investment.
• The convenient Air Mouse Remote and HD antenna are not included, but can be bundled for an extra fee.
• Without the HD antenna, you will not have access to local channels
• Very rarely, customers have had issues with setup, but the box usually comes with a year warranty, and the company is willing to replace faulty equipment.

Overall, the Element TI5 is a great product that can take away the pain of a monthly cable bill and replace it with access to all of your favorite shows and movies right through your own TV. The price is reasonable and a worthwhile investment for all you receive in return. The KODI apps included give you free access to thousands of movies and TV shows right out of the box. You can even manage your other subscriptions by adding their apps with the Google Playstore. The Element TI5 Android TV Box gets our recommendation for all of the advantages listed as well as a great user experience.

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Element Ti5 Android TV Box
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