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Is Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video: Fear the Walking Dead – Season 7.

: A Review

is the latest season of the popular zombie drama series. The show follows a group of survivors who are trying to survive a world overrun by walkers. It is set in present day California and focuses on the struggles of a dysfunctional family as they face the dangers of this new world.

What Makes Fear The Walking Dead Different?

The show stands out from other zombie dramas due to its focus on the psychological effects of living in the apocalypse. Not only do viewers witness the brutality of the walkers and the struggles of dealing with them, but they also get to explore the psychological effects of post-apocalyptic survival. The show delves into the characters’ minds, particularly the children’s, as they are forced to grow up much faster than they should. This gives viewers a more intimate view into the characters’ emotions and thoughts which makes the show even more gripping to watch.

The Pros and Cons of Watching

  • Pros:

    • The show provides a unique perspective on the zombie genre.
    • It is emotionally gripping.
    • It is set in a new location.
    • The characters have a lot of depth.

  • Cons:

    • The pacing can be slow.
    • The story can be convoluted at times.

Overall, is an fascinating addition to the zombie genre. With its unique perspective and emotionally gripping story, it is sure to keep audiences hooked. If you’re a fan of zombie shows and post-apocalyptic survival stories, then is a must-watch.

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