Fire Tv Remote Volume Control

How do I get my fire TV remote to control volume?

How Do I Get the Volume to Work on My Fire Stick Remote? Press the Mute button, Change the Fire Stick remote batteries, Remove obstacles, Restart your Fire Stick, Use the HDMI-CEC port on your TV, Change the Equipment Control settings, Use another remote, Turn off Dolby Digital Plus

Fire TV Remote Volume Control

Fire TV Remote has become an essential part of Amazon’s suite of products, allowing users to access their favourite streaming content. One of the most useful features is the ability to control the volume of their TV, allowing them to adjust it to their preferred level.


With the Fire TV Remote, you can control the volume of your television with the press of a button. You can easily adjust the volume to your preferred level, so you don’t have to strain to hear your movie or TV show. An additional advantage is that you won’t have to manually adjust the settings on your TV.

How It Works

To use the remote to control the volume, simply press and hold the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons. The buttons will adjust the volume in 0.5 increments, making it easy to adjust to your exact desired level. You can also press and hold the Mute button to quickly silence the sound entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Features Does The Fire TV Remote Have?

In addition to being able to control the volume, the Fire TV Remote has many other useful features. It can be used to control the power on your TV, as well as the sound mode and other settings. You can also use the voice remote to search for your favourite content.

Does The Fire TV Remote Work With Any TV?

Yes, the Fire TV Remote will work with any flat-screen television that has an HDMI input. You can also use the Alexa Voice Remote to control other devices, such as Fire TV Sticks and Chromecast.

Can You Use The Volume Control With Other Devices?

Yes, you can use the volume control feature when connected to any device, including soundbars and sound systems. You can also use it to control the volume of your headphones.

Pros and Cons of Fire TV Volume Control

  • Pros:
  • Easily adjusts the volume to your preferred level.
  • Quickly silence the sound with the mute button.
  • Compatible with any television with an HDMI input.
  • Controls volume of other devices, such as sound systems and headphones.
  • Cons:
  • Cannot adjust the volume of the soundbar or sound system.
  • Unable to control the volume of headphones using the remote.

Overall, the Fire TV Remote can be a helpful tool for adjusting the volume of your television and other devices without having to manually adjust the settings. Although it does have some drawbacks, the convenience makes up for them. With the Fire TV Remote, you can quickly and easily adjust the volume of your TV.


The Fire TV Remote makes controlling the volume of your TV simple and convenient. Whether you just want to adjust the volume with a press of a button or use the voice remote feature, you can do it all with the Fire TV Remote. With this useful device, you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows at the perfect volume.