Full House Season 5 Episode 2

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The Full House Fifth Season: Episode 2 Overview

The fifth season of the beloved family sitcom, Full House, has some of the most remarkable episodes. Episode two, entitled “The College Try”, is no exception. Here is a brief overview of this classic episode in the Tanners’ world:

The Premise

It is Danny’s worst nightmar: his oldest daughter, DJ, is ready to leave the nest and head off to college. Feeling pressure from the stress of the situation and worried about DJ making the wrong decisions, Danny confides in Joey and causes him to go into over-protective mode about the trio of Tanner girls. Danny’s indecisiveness and Joey’s hesitance to let go leads to a plan to make DJ stay home to attend a local college instead. Will it work?

Notable Moments

This episode is full of classic comedy moments. Here are some of the most memorable:

  • Stephanie’s hilarious attempt to clean Danny’s office
  • Jessie’s reaction to Danny’s idea for them to move into the basement so DJ could stay
  • The humorous spoof of the college admission process
  • The montage of reluctant goodbyes for DJ

In true Full House fashion, the episode ends with a heart-warming lesson learned. There’s nothing like a little quality family time to bring it all together.

The Legacy of “The College Try”

This episode is a classic in the Full House world and is beloved by fans all around the world. The characters, the jokes, and the heartwarming premise all make this episode one to remember. It stands as a reminder that the Tanners stand strong, even through the roughest of transitions.