Game Of Thrones Season 2 4K Release Date

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Is there a 4K version of Game of Thrones?

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It was recently announced that HBO Max is going to be releasing the second season of Game Of Thrones in 4K UHD in 2021. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting for this release as it will be a brilliant opportunity to re-watch the season in enhanced clarity.

Why Is This Important?

This will be the first time the second season of the critically acclaimed fantasy show will be available in 4K. This means that all of the exciting battle scenes, heart wrenching drama, and thought provoking plot will be presented in full vivid detail.

Which Platforms Is It Available On?

The 4K release will be available on HBO Max and through various distributors including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

What Extras Are Included?

The 4K UHD release will also include a number of bonuses for fans. This includes a new visual essay by top film scholar and historian Brittney Morris, reflecting on the impact of the second season and its importance to the world of Game Of Thrones. Some of these bonuses also include:

  • A Look back at Season 2
  • Game of Thrones: 16:9 Conversations With The Cast
  • Inside The Wildlings
  • Game of Thrones Inner Circle

How Much Does It Cost?

The 4K release of the second season will cost $39.99. This is a great price for fans who want to experience the second season with enhanced clarity.

When Is The Release Date?

The release date for the 4K UHD release of the second season of Game Of Thrones is set for June 15th 2021. Make sure to mark the date and get ready to experience the season like never before.