Girl Meets A Christmas Maya Full Episode

difference Meets

What is the age difference between Maya and Josh in Girl Meets World?

Josh is 3 years older than Maya.

Cheerfully setting the stage for all your holiday festivities, ‘Girl Meets A Christmas Maya’ is the all-new holiday special of ‘Girl Meets World’ available to watch on Disney Channel and Disney Play. This episode will take viewers on an adventure through the magical winter wonderland that Riley and Maya find themselves in!

Chapter One

Riley and Maya, who are best friends and neighbors, set up their own holiday decorations at the Matthews’ house, hoping their surprise plan of a festive holiday party will bring them all together. But little did they know that the extra sparkle of Christmas decorations would bring something unexpected – the magical Christmas Maya!

Chapter Two

Maya and Riley meet up with their magical companion and take a trip around the world. Wherever they go, the Christmas Maya is sure to bring plenty of snow-covered surprises for everyone. From jolly snowmen to dancing polar bears and the gentle snowfall, Riley and Maya are sure to have one of the most unforgettable holiday-filled adventures ever!

Chapter Three

Towards the end of their trip, Maya and Riley must make a decision; should they go back home or enjoy the winter wonderland a little longer? But one thing’s for sure, the Christmas Maya ensures that no matter what their decision, one thing’s for sure- it’s going to be a magical Christmas!

3 Reasons You Should Watch This Holiday Special

  • Magical Adventure: There’s no doubt that this holiday special will bring viewers an incredible journey full of holiday cheer and magical adventures!
  • Friendship: The powerful bond between Riley and Maya highlights throughout the episode, showcasing the importance of friendship and having someone to hold you up in times of need.
  • Snow: Who doesn’t love snow? Although the snow can’t come to everyone, this episode of Girl Meets World brings plenty of snow-covered moments for viewers to enjoy.

So, grab the popcorn and switch on your TVs. ‘Girl Meets A Christmas Maya’ is sure to be the perfect addition to your holiday viewing!