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Looking for a laugh, a boost of optimism, or a good old-fashioned wholesome show to watch? Look no further than Green Acres, a popular 1960s sitcom, full of laughs and unforgettable characters, now available on Youtube.

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Green Acres follows husband and wife team Oliver and Lisa Douglas, who decide to leave the hassles of the city life behind and move to the rural countryside. Follow their journey as they find a new home and new adventures in Hooterville.

Look out for these Iconic Characters:

  • Oliver Douglas: A rich New York lawyer who moves to Hooterville with his ambitious and often naïve wife, Lisa.
  • Lisa Douglas: Oliver’s wife, who is determined to create the perfect life in the countryside with her husband.
  • Eb Dawson: The local handyman, who tends to be vocal about Oliver’s entertaining schemes.
  • Eddie Albert: The lovely neighbour who is often willing to lend a helping hand to the Douglas’s.

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Be sure to check out the full library of Green Acres episodes on Youtube, a must-watch for anyone looking for a classic comedy show. From their hilarious antics at the local social gathering spots, to their unforgettable farm life, Green Acres is sure to put a smile on your face. So kick back and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun with .