Hair Show 2004 Full Movie

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What is Hair Show 2004?

Hair Show 2004 is Jonathan Holloway’s 2004 comedy movie that follows two stylists, Lee and Kelly (played by Mo’Nique and Kellita Smith), as they head to a hair show to compete in a contest and gain recognition. Along the way, they come up against a lot of adversities, but ultimately show that any obstacle can be overcome when friendship and determination come together.

Plot Summary

Lee and Kelly have dreamed of competing in hair shows since they were young women. Finally, their dreams are coming true as they are able to travel to Hair Show 2004 – the biggest hair show of the season. However, the competition is fierce and full of challenges. They must navigate the nuances of the competition and rise above the competition’s power and money. Will the two be up to the challenge?


Hair Show 2004 is a hilarious and heart-warming film that touches on many themes, including:

  • Friendship: Lee and Kelly’s friendship – and that of their extended family – is a driving force behind their success.
  • Determination: The characters show that with enough determination anything can be achieved despite the challenges.
  • Dreams: Hair Show 2004 proves that dreams can come true with enough courage and hard work.


The star-studded cast includes: Mo’Nique as Lee, Kellita Smith as Kelly, Kym Whitley as Aunt Dee, and Jenifer Lewis as Miss Mary. This film also features cameos from Kevin Hart and D.L. Hughley.


Hair Show 2004 is a classic comedy that follows two determined women on an inspiring roller coaster ride full of laughs, tears, and excitement. Through their unwavering friendship and determination, these characters prove that with hard work and courage anything can be achieved.

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