Heart And Soul Full Movie

What is heart and soul about on Netflix?

At a hospital in Lagos, a doctor yearning for more field experience meets patients with various ailments that test his spiritual and medical beliefs.

Heart and Soul Full Movie


Heart and Soul is a Chinese family drama inspired by the 2006 movie version of The Peanut Butter Solution. It was an interesting and inspiring story of a young girl finding her power to stay in pursuit of her dreams. The movie was a delight to watch from start to finish and surely gave very meaningful insights about life, family and aspirations.

Plot Summary

The movie follows the story of Jiang Li, a young girl who is sent to live with her grandmother, who runs a tea house in a remote mountain town. Li has suffered from severe poverty, living off the meager profits of her family’s corn farming. Despite the harsh conditions, Li finds a way to stay in high spirits and follows her dreams for success.

The tea house is an old, but beloved establishment and Li attempts to revive it by coming up with creative ideas to attract customers. Unfortunately, the town is deeply immersed in superstitions and traditions that Li’s new ideas clash with. While her grandmother discourages her, Li slowly gathers a following of supporters, who eventually help her take steps towards gaining respect in the community. The movie follows Li’s journey to success, capturing her struggles and the obstacles she must overcome.

Advantages of Watching the Movie

Inspiring Story

The movie Heart and Soul is a truly inspiring story that is sure to bring motivation and courage to viewers. Not only does Li use her own creativity and tenacity to get ahead, but she also teaches viewers about the importance of family, friendship, and staying true to one’s beliefs.

High-Quality Production

The movie has excellent production quality throughout and breathtaking cinematography. Viewers will beable to experience the beauty of the mountainous town and enjoy watching a unique story unfold on the big screen.

Positive Message for All Ages

Heart and Soul is a movie that speaks to all ages.Though it focuses on one young woman’s story, the themes of never giving up and striving to reach your dreams are universal.


  • How long is the movie?
    Heart and Soul is a two hour long movie.
  • Who acts in the movie?
    The movie features popular Chinese actors.
  • What is the general plot of Heart and Soul?
    Heart and Soul follows the journey of a young woman who is determined to make her dreams come true.


Heart and Soul is an inspirational movie that definitely deserves a watch. It offers viewers a unique combination of heartwarming moments, spectacular cinematography and positive messages. There is sure to be something for everyone in this imaginative story about making dreams come true.