How do I invite people to my Disney plus TV group?

How do I join a group watch on Disney plus?

Here’s what you do: Open Disney+ on your iPhone, Android phone or on Disney’s website, Search for a movie or TV shows, Tap the GroupWatch icon (an outline of three people) on the Details page of their chosen content, Invite up to six people who also subscribe to Disney+, They’ll receive an invite to join your party


Do you want to share the fun of watching Disney+ with your friends? If so, then you’ll need to learn how to invite them to your Disney+ TV group. With a few simple steps, you can easily invite your friends to join your Disney+ TV group and watch together.

Steps to Invite People to Your Disney+ TV Group

Step 1: Create a Disney+ TV Group

The first step is to create a Disney+ TV group. To do this, simply open the Disney+ app and select “TV Group” from the menu. Then, follow the instructions to create your own unique group.

Step 2: Invite Your Friends

Once you have created your group, you can start inviting your friends. To do this, select the “Invite Friends” option from the group page. You can then choose to invite your friends via text message, email, or even through social media.

Step 3: Start Watching Together

Once your friends have accepted your invitation, you can start watching together. Simply select the “Watch Together” option from the group page and choose the movie or show you want to watch. You and your friends will then be able to watch the same movie or show at the same time.

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  • How many people can I invite to my Disney+ TV group?

    You can invite up to 10 people to join your Disney+ TV group.

  • Can I watch different movies or shows in the same group?

    No, all members of the group must watch the same movie or show.

  • Can I chat with my friends while watching?

    Yes, you can chat with your friends while watching by using the chat feature in the group page.


Inviting people to your Disney+ TV group is easy and fun. With just a few simple steps, you can easily invite your friends to join your Disney+ TV group and watch together. So go ahead and start inviting your friends today!