How Many Roku Devices Can I Have

Can you have multiple Roku devices on one account?

When you activate a Roku streaming player or Roku TV™, you have the choice to add, or link it to your existing Roku account, or you can create a new account. When you activate more than one Roku device, each device can be linked to a different Roku account, or all devices can be linked to a single account.


Roku devices provide a great way to access streaming content, such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and much more. But how many Roku devices can you use at the same time?

1. How Many Different Roku Accounts Can I Have?

The good news is, you can have an unlimited amount of Roku accounts. However, only one account can be logged into the Roku device at a time, so if you have more than one you will have to log out and switch between accounts on each device. This can be useful if you have multiple TV’s in your home and you want to access different services on each device.

2. What is Linking a Roku Device?

Linking a Roku device means that multiple accounts can be logged in to the same device. This allows multiple people to have their own profiles on the same Roku. This is a great option if the devices are being used in the same household.

3. How Many Roku Devices can be Linked?

Roku devices can be linked up to five at a time. All of the devices need to be the same model and linked to the same Roku account. Any device not linked to the account will not be able to access the content and services available on the account.

4. What is Account Sharing?

Account sharing is when multiple people login to the same Roku device or account to access streaming services. However, it is important to note that each Roku account has its own limits on how many people can access it at once. The most popular streaming services have their own restrictions.


There is no set limit on the amount of Roku devices you can have. However, the most you can link together is 5, and the amount of people who can share an account depends on the streaming service. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of the service before attempting to share an account.