How to Activate Youtube Premium Samsung

YouTube one of the best and fastest growing online platforms in the world is constantly improving its features, daily to offer good service to its customers. YouTube premium subscription is one of the features introduced by the Google firm. Most of the Samsung users ask how to activate YouTube premium Samsung, well we got you covered. 

Good news for all the Samsung Galaxy users. With the help of the ongoing campaign, you can access free YouTube premium either for twin months or four months. YouTube Premium is the advanced version of YouTube where you pay to be able to access more exclusive YouTube content that you and your family can have fun watching. 

The YouTube premium program has many good features such as free use of the platform and YouTube specific content. It’s no doubt that almost all of us spend time online particularly browsing for videos on YouTube, hence if you have a YouTube premium for Samsung, all this is accessible and plus more exciting features. 

South Korea Samsung offers it’s members a free YouTube premium membership subscription along with a new campaign. Wondering how to activate YouTube premium Samsung? Let’s find out.

How to Access Free YouTube Premium for Samsung Devices 

How to activate YouTube premium Samsung is one of the most asked questions asked by Samsung users and we got your answer right here. Most of the Samsung users were very delighted when Samsung, one of the most digitalized companies in the world, announced the launch of the YouTube premium on its platform. 

One of the features included in the YouTube premium campaign is the YouTube music feature, which over the years have grown in audience and improved its features. 

The South Korea Samsung campaign offered two different types of free YouTube premium subscriptions. You can either choose a subscription for 2 months or 4 months. This is only accessible if you bought your Samsung device between 14 February 2020 and 5 March 2021.

The YouTube premium option offers other new exciting features and content that normal YouTube subscribers cannot access unless they opt for the YouTube premium option. 

Requirements to Join YouTube Premium on Samsung Gadgets 

Premium membership subscriptions are determined using many factors. The 2-month YouTube premium subscription is available on all Samsung devices whereas the 4-month YouTube premium subscription is only available to certain Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy Z. 

In case you did not buy your Samsung device and activated it between 14 February 2020 and 5 March 2021, you cannot benefit from this campaign.  

The other conditions for you to join YouTube premium is that the offer is only available for Google to play music subscribers, YouTube premium, and YouTube music Premium subscribers. The offer is available to users that have never accessed YouTube premium, Google plays music, YouTube Red, or have not yet subscribed to YouTube premium and YouTube music premium. 

How to Join and Start YouTube Premium on Samsung Gadgets 

In case you meet all the requirements to join YouTube premium and participate in the campaign you can start your free YouTube premium membership trial following the steps outlined down below; 

In case your YouTube account is not signed in, you can sign in to your YouTube account under the Account section. 

After signing into your YouTube account,  click on become a YouTube premium member. 

Then click on try it for free, and complete your purchase afterward. 

In case you own a Samsung Galaxy device, that has the campaign benefits, you are allowed to access YouTube premium services for free. The steps above show a user how to activate YouTube premium Samsung. 

Features Offered by YouTube Premium 

As you well know, YouTube premium the new version of YouTube red is the version of YouTube that you pay so as to access its services and unique content. In case you subscribed for YouTube premium, then you have the following benefits that separate you from the other normal YouTube subscribers. Such benefits include; 

One can watch YouTube videos without being disturbed by popping advertisements hence the paid version of YouTube has no advertisements which is a huge impact while deciding whether to have a YouTube premium membership or not.

You can also stream music from Google play music and YouTube music premium without worrying too much about advertisements as there are none after you pay for this service. 

You can easily access certain YouTube content that normal subscribers cannot access. YouTube premium content is exclusive and clear. 

You can also have access to audio from YouTube videos while on the YouTube music application without any problems. This is one of the advantages of owning a YouTube premium membership account. 

You can also download YouTube videos that you want to watch later or in case you are doing some research for playback. The downloaded videos can be accessed offline hence this is good news for most people that do not have a stable internet connection.  

In case you own a YouTube premium membership account, you can be able to play YouTube videos in the background while using your mobile phone for other operations. Hence one can multitask if you own a YouTube premium membership account. 

If you have the paid version of YouTube, then you are easily accessible to picture in picture mode on the version Oreo of Android or newer Android versions being released. 

Google on Offering Free YouTube Premium for Galaxy S10 

In case you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, then luck is on your side. Google has offered six months of free YouTube Premium membership access for galaxy S10 users. This offer however is only limited to the people living in the United States. The free YouTube premium promotion is available for more than 20 countries, especially for Samsung users. 

How to Activate YouTube Premium Samsung – Conclusion

Access to live performances and over a million songs on the YouTube music app is what everyone needs right now and YouTube premium membership offers that plus much more that will make your jaw drop. 

We can conclude that most people now know how to activate YouTube premium Samsung for Samsung gadgets without any problem. YouTube premium has helped in creating a new digital era whereby we can access different types of content at your will.