How to Activate Youtube TV

A YouTube TV subscription is a great way to watch sports, news, movies, and much more on your favorite channels. Interestingly, it gives you more flexibility than a regular TV and antenna would, that is, you can save channels to watch later. Wondering how to activate youtube TV? This post got you covered.

That said, you shall need to go through a little set-up process before enjoying the service. You don’t really get you-tube TV as an affordable option to cable but of course, the more elastic options for content make most users prefer it. So, in case you’re stuck, this is how to activate youtube TV. 

Visit the Tube Website or Download the App  

For you to access youtube TV, you need windows, mac computer, and android for mobile devices. Your iPhone shall not accept initial installation but you can use it later to watch. So, on your mac or windows PC, visit the YouTube TV website and sign in to your YouTube account. 

If you’re using Android, you shall have to download the YouTube TV android application from the app store. After a successful download, sign in to your YouTube account. 

Start With the Free Trial 

To get started, choose the free trial option by clicking on the ‘try it free’ button. 

Enter Your Details as Prompted 

You shall need your zip code and home address. 

Check Networks and Total Cost

Now, check the total cost and the networks you’ve accepted to be added to your subscription plan. If you’re good with it, click on the ‘next: Add Ons’ to proceed. 

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On the next page, you have the option to select your premium networks of choice. Just click on the circled button beside each network to accept and click again if you need to drop any. There is no limitation to the number of channels you can add, still, you can include others later on if you wish. If you’re contented with your selection, click on ‘next’ to proceed. 

Add Payment Option

The next step involves adding your payment option. To enjoy the free trial, YouTube TV requires that you add your preferred payment method, that is either your credit card or PayPal. Choose your preferred one, enter your details, and connect. 

No funds shall be charged at this stage until the free trial ends, the good news is that you can cancel your subscription any time within the trial period, so you got enough time to gauge whether it’s going to work for you or not. 

After your trial period ends and you don’t want to leave yet, you shall have to now click on the ‘buy’ button to finalize the process. After successful check-out, you are now actively using youtube TV. 

This is the process on how to activate youtube TV. As a bonus, we are going to share a few tips and tricks for using youtube TV now that you’re actively on the team. 

Where Can You Watch Youtube TV From? 

As said earlier, youtube TV offers great elasticity on its options, you can therefore watch youtube TV the majority of your gaming system or smart TV. The options include Roku, PS4, Apple TV, Fire TV, some TV models of LG, Samsung, and Vizio. 

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Youtube TV also gives you streaming options for Chromecast, any Chromecast-enabled television, and Apple Airplay. You can then watch your favorite channels in varying qualities other than 4K since youtube doesn’t currently support 4K resolution videos. 

After Activation, You Need to Customize Your Subscription 

After touching on how to activate youtube TV, it is important that you know how to customize your YouTube TV subscription. Customization shall make the content relevant and tailored to your taste, here is how to do it.  

To access the current programs, click on the ‘live’ button. Here you shall an ess the live programs that are currently airing. There is an endless list of channels to choose your favorite from in any niche including sports, shows, news, and much more. 

The good thing is that you have full control over your ‘live’ tab, you can choose to hide some channels and networks that you are not interested in. Navigate to sort>>edit to start customizing the live programs section. 

The main tabs to customize your content are ‘home, life, and library.’ These are the tabs that shall determine your YouTube TV content recommendation. When you are watching content and need to record, just click on the ‘+’ button beside the ‘programs’ button. 

Visit the library to access all your recorded programs there. Remember, youtube TV uses a cloud DVR storage and shall not affect your local storage, therefore, there really isn’t a limit to the amount of content you can save in the library. 

Everybody hates spoiler content and pop-ups in between watching sessions. Youtube TV gives you an option to turn them off and enjoy your peace of mind. Just head to the ‘hide all scores for this team or league’ feature. This shall turn off all the spoiler live previews and score content that might pop-up to your screen during watching. 

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How Do You Search for Content on Youtube TV After Activation? 

Search is important to fish for the exact content that you need to watch. To search on youtube TV, click on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon on the top right of your screen. Use the text area to key in your desired content and hit search. Search can be general like, news, sports, or specific like a certain episode of a program you want to watch. 

How to Activate Youtube TV – Conclusion

Youtube TV provides endless TV content and is also flexible in terms of devices you can work with. The unlimited cloud-based DVR storage isn’t this Ng to me as out, and now that you can save your favorite TV content to watch later, it is time to activate your youtube TV. 

The guide we have provided above on how to activate youtube TV shall enable you to go through the process swiftly. After activation, do not forget to customize and make youtube TV ‘yours.’ 

We also have a few tips on how to navigate within your newly activated youtube TV, you definitely shall find it helpful. Activate and get started.