How To Connect Firestick To Hotel Wifi

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How To Connect Firestick To Hotel Wifi


Connecting a Firestick to a Hotel wifi can be daunting and annoying. You may have to go through numerous steps to get it connected and they may not always work. That is why we have come up with the following steps to get you and your Firestick connected to your Hotel wifi in no time.


  • Check if Hotel Wi-Fi is Enabled: Check if you Hotel wifi is enabled and not just for specific guests. It’s also essential to confirm if the wifi is a public or a private one as you might need a password if it is private.
  • Connect Firestick to Hotel Wi-Fi: Connect the Firestick to Hotel wifi via settings in the device. Select you Hotel wifi and enter the password in the required section, if required, and that’s it! You have just connected Firestick to your Hotel Wifi.
  • Connect Firestick Directly with an Ethernet Cable: If your Hotel wifi has a problem then you can also connect your Firestick to the Hotel wifi via an Ethernet Cable. This will reduce the burden on the wifi network and will ensure that you get a good connection.
  • Configure Firestick for Hotel Wi-Fi: Configure your Firestick for the specific Hotel wifi by going to settings in the device and selecting the specific wifi connection. Enter the credentials like user name and password, if required.
  • Check your connection: Once done with the setup, it is essential to check if the connection has been established successfully or not. Connect to the internet and check if the connection is working properly.


These were some of the steps for connecting your Firestick to a Hotel Wifi. Following the steps listed above should make it easy to get your Firestick working at your hotel.
If you are still having difficulty connecting your device, contact the hotel’s tech support to resolve any issues.