How To Control Netflix With Alexa

Alexa control

Can Alexa control streaming services?

Once your Alexa account is paired with your TV, you should be able to control all of your streaming services using Alexa voice commands.

Controlling Netflix with Alexa is a great way to enhance your movie watching experience. With Alexa, you can enable voice commands to control Netflix and other streaming services. Here’s how you can use Alexa to take control of Netflix:

Step 1: Set up Alexa

First, set up Alexa and add your streaming services:

  • Go to Amazon Alexa App
  • Go to Settings > TV & Video > Link a new device
  • Choose your streaming service and pair your account with Alexa
  • Follow the on-screen prompts

Step 2: Connect Your Devices

Next, make sure your devices are connected and ready for voice commands:

  • Connect your Alexa device to the same network as your streaming device
  • Go to Settings > TV & Video in the Alexa app
  • Confirm your streaming device is connected
  • Note: For a more seamless experience, set up Alexa Skill for each streaming device.

Step 3: Start Watching TV

Now you’re ready to start watching Netflix:

  • To start streaming, say “Alexa, play Netflix”
  • You can control your streaming device with Alexa commands such as “play/pause,” “previous episode,” and “stop”
  • You can search for specific titles or genres, or view recommendations by saying “Alexa, show me ____”
  • You can also control the volume, fast-forward and rewind with voice commands

By connecting Alexa to your streaming devices, you can easily control your Netflix with voice commands. So kick back, sit back, and enjoy your movie night with Alexa.

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