How To Get Recordings Off Directv Dvr

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How to Get Recordings Off Directv DVR

Getting recordings off of your Directv DVR can be tricky, but with these steps it doesn’t have to be!

Steps to Get Recordings Off Your Directv DVR

  1. Record the show or movie you wish to save.
  2. If the show or movie was DRM protected, you can obtain an unlocking code by going to the Directv website.
  3. If the recording was not DRM protected, then simply connect the DVR to your television and to your computer/laptop.
  4. On the DVR menu settings, click on “Copy and Transfer Recordings”.
  5. Once this is done, the DVR will scan for devices you can transfer recordings to.
  6. Select the device you wish to transfer the recording to.
  7. Now, you can begin the transfer process by selecting “Start Transfer.”
  8. Once all the recordings you wish to transfer are done, click on “Stop Transfer.”
  9. Once all the recordings are transferred, you can disconnect your laptop or computer.


  • Make sure your laptop or computer is connected to the same WiFi network as your DVR, for a faster transfer time.
  • Make sure your DVR is connected to a power source and is on as well.

And there you have it! Now, you know how to transfer recordings from your Directv DVR.

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