How To Hook Up Antenna To Directv Box

switch DirecTV

How do I switch from DirecTV to antenna?

How to switch TVs from DirecTV to antenna HDTV Step 1: Remove DirecTV from your TV and hook the coaxial cable directly to the TV. Now that we have all of the connections completed, we need to see what comes in on your TV, Step 2: Find HDTV channels on your TV, Step 3: Watch free antenna HDTV


Most people use TV antennas to access local, over-the-air broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. If you have such an antenna, you can use it to access local channels on your Directv box as well. Here’s how to hook up an antenna to your Directv box:

Step 1: Connect the Coaxial Cable

It all starts with getting the Coaxial cable from the TV antenna to the Receiver. First run the Coaxial cable from the TV antenna to the “ANT IN” port in the back of your Receiver.

Step 2: Connect The HDMI Cable

Next, connect the other end of the Coaxial cable to the “Cable In” port on the back of the Receiver. Ensure that the cable is firmly attached on both ends. After that, connect your HDMI cable from the “OUT” port on the back of your Directv box to your TV.

Step 3: Activate the Tuner

Now it’s time to activate the tuner. Put your Receiver in Standby mode, and then press the “Menu” button on your remote to go to the main menu. Select the “Settings & Help” option, then “Settings”, and then “Add & Manage Equipment”. Finally, select “Change Access Card” and press “OK”. The tuner will now be activated.

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Step 4: Set Up the Antenna

The next step is setting up the antenna. To do this, go to the main menu and select “Settings & Help”, then “Settings”, and then “Add & Manage Equipment”. Select “Set Up Antenna” and then “OK”.

Step 5: Scan for Channels

Once the antenna is set up, you can begin scanning for channels. Go to the main menu, then “Settings & Help”, and then “Settings”. Select “Receiver Setup” and then “Add/Edit Locations”. Select “Next” and enter your ZIP code. Select your city and then select “Scan for Channels”. Now you should be able to see all the channels available to you.


Setting up a TV antenna and Directv box is relatively easy and can provide access to local channels. All it takes is a Coaxial cable and the right setup steps. The process is a bit different for different models, but the general steps are the same. Make sure to consult your Receiver’s manual for any specific instructions.