How To Remove A Channel From Roku

How To Remove A Channel From Roku

The Roku TV is a streaming device that’s capable of entertaining you endlessly due to the staggering number of channels you can download and view.

Adding channels in your Roku is relatively easy. Simply go to the Channel Store while your TV is connected to the internet, start browsing the many channels available and click the “Download” button. Once the download is finished you can click on it to open.

But what if you want to remove a channel from your Roku player?

Deleting channels can prove to be an exercise in frustration, especially if the option is not immediately available. But fear not, as there are several ways on how to remove a channel from Roku. Follow these steps to get started.

Removing A Channel From Roku TV

The first thing you should do before trying to remove a Roku player channel is to see whether or not you’re being billed for it. You will need to confirm if your Roku account is subscribed to a particular channel and remove that subscription before you can successfully remove it from your channel list.

For that, you’ll need to sign in at using your smart phone or a computer. Enter your credentials to get to your account, then click on Manage Your Subscriptions. Check and see if the channel you want to remove is listed; if so, then follow the steps to unsubscribe before removing it from your streaming box. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove channels at

How To Remove From The Roku Channel Store

Step 1. Using your Roku remote, press the button for Home.

Step 2. Choose Streaming Channels option to get to the Roku Channel Store.

Step 3. Find the channel you want to delete. Click the OK button on the remote- a check mark will be added right beside the installed channel. Choose the “Remove Channel” option and once again at the Confirm Channel Removal prompt.

Step 4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for any other Roku channel you want to delete from your device.

How To Remove From The Roku Channel Lineup

Step 1. Using your Roku remote, press the button for Home.

Step 2. Navigate to the right part and highlight the channel.

Step 3. Bring up the Options menu by clicking on the Star or the asterisk button on the Roku remote.

Step 4. Choose Remove Channel and click on “Confirm” to delete it.

Step 5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for any other Roku channel you want to delete from your device.

The methods listed above should work on various Roku streaming devices, including the Roku 1, Roku 2, the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick. If you somehow made a mistake and accidentally deleted a channel from the lineup, don’t worry. You can get it back by going to the Roku Channel Store and clicking on the download button as long as its still available.

Why Remove Channels From Your Roku Streaming Device?

To Prevent Lagging And Slow Loading

The Roku streaming device can only hold a certain amount of data before it starts to lag or slow down. Freeing up some storage space can make it run faster and enhance the viewing experience. When you start noticing your Roku device booting up or loading slower than usual, consider removing a few channels in order to get it up to optimal speed.

To Remove Unwanted Channels

You can delete the channels you don’t want to make space for the newer channels being offered by the streaming box. Most of the time, you’ll want to delete a channel after trying it out and realizing you don’t want it, or when you’ve unsubscribed and no longer have a need to have the channel in your lineup.

To Organize Content

You wouldn’t want to navigate through pages of channels just to get to where you want. If you’re overwhelmed by the channels you have in your lineup, a bit of organizing should work wonders. You can start by deleting the channels you no longer want and putting up the ones you frequently watch up front. As you trim the list of channels, you’ll spend less time navigating and more time watching entertaining videos.