How to Reset a Roku Remote

Roku is a media player that has user-friendliness catered for. For that, each Roku media player comes with a handy remote control device. Are you wondering how to reset a Roku remote? This post is for you.

While versions me get differ, the options on all Roku media players are the same, that is a home button, a return button, video player buttons, and the control panel buttons, other models are even handy with the offered streaming services buttons.  

Roku can be also easily controlled using your mobile device in case you are stuck with the remote, but everyone knows how handy a remote is. Your Roku remote me that fail for a number of reasons and when it does, we are going to show you how to reset a Roku remote.  

If you got a different version of Roku media player, you have to reset your remote to continue. It is important to understand the kind of Roku remote you have. There is the infrared Roku remote which has to be pointed in the direction of your media player to work. 

This one doesn’t need resetting to work, as long as it’s technically correct and its batteries got the juice, it shall work for any Roku media player.  We also have the enhanced remote which shall work no matter which direction you point to. This is the one that needs resetting to work for a different model of Roku media player.  

Steps on How to Reset a Roku Remote 

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Other Common Issues with Roku Remote 

Sometimes, you might experience more issues and failures even after resetting your Roku remote. If you are experiencing such trouble, we complied helpful tips to help you get around it.  

How to Reset a Roku Remote – Troubleshooting Your Standard Ir Remote 

This usually has two main problems. One is with the signal, it needs to be pointed directly in a straight line facing your Roku Media player to work. Most times, when you miss a response upon pressing a key on your Roku IR remote, you shall have the signal appointed in the wrong direction or altered by an instruction. 

The second issue is usually dead batteries which you shall need to replace before trying again. 

Clear any obstruction in between your Roku media player and the remote. Try holding your remote higher and press, if the media player responds, then you have an obstruction. If the obstruction is permanent, then you shall have to move your Roku media player to a different favorable position where the ray’s path isn’t obstructed. 

If you troubleshoot the obstruction issue in vain, then the batteries might be the problem. Remove the batteries from your Roku remote and return them correctly. Try commanding your device again, if it fails, then you might be having deaf batteries. 

Replace the batteries and try again. If even after replacing with new batteries, your remote fails, then it is dead and might necessitate that you find a new remote.  

You can use your mobile device to taste whether your remote’s ray is functioning. To do this, point the remote to your phone’s selfie camera. If you see images of the ray’s on your phone’s screen, then your remote’s infrared rays are functioning well, but if the rays are missing, it might be time to replace your Roku Media player’s remote. 

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More Issues and Solutions 

Are you experiencing a lack of music during set-up? 

If even after replacing batteries, your Roku device does not increase the volume, then you might be having issues with your set up. First, you shall need to check whether all your connected devices support audio via HDMI. There are devices that do not support audio via HDMI, for instance, a number of overhead projectors lack speakers. 

I’m not able to mute music during set-up 

Roku gives an automatic pop-up option to set-up again in case your remote fails to mute music. However, sometimes this prompt might be missing, leaving you stranded. In the case of this, do the following.  

Do away with any excess device connection between Roku and your tv. Do the setup and get them back again, it should be able to mute now. Some television brands are not supported.  

In case you are using a Roku streaming stick, then it might be the issue. Connect it from further away from your HDMI port. You can use an extension cord for these porpoises. 

How do I factory reset my Roku device? 

Sometimes issues pile up and you have to factory reset your Roku device to get it working again. This is how you shall do it.  

  • On your Roku remote, press the ‘home’ button 
  • Navigate to settings from your home screen 
  • Then go to system settings 
  • Under system settings, choose advanced system settings 
  • Then select factory reset, then factory reset everything then follow the instructions to reset completely the reset process. 
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How to Reset a Roku Remote – Conclusion

We hope this guide on how to reset a Roku remote has helped you go about the process. If you experience other issues, we included extra tips to get you out. Always follow each troubleshooting step by step starting with the basic ones to the more complicated ones. Sometimes, your remote might be dead and necessitate replacement. Enjoy your watching.