How To Reset Directv Box

Resetting your DirecTV receiver clears out certain parts of its memory for settings and configurations, or reduces all your preferences. Doing this to your receiver resets it to a new device.

This is often the easiest way to fix a lot of problems, so if you need to know how to reset your DirecTV box, read on! You’ll also find the solution to some other common DirecTV problems!

How To Reset Your DirecTV Box

On the remote control for your DirecTV box, open the menu. You can do this by clicking the button that says “Menu” on the controller. If you’re using an HD  DirecTV receiver, press “Settings & Help” from the list of options.

Then click the Settings screen. If you have an SD box, go to “Parental, favorites, and setup” and then tap “System setup.” Whichever box you have, you should find yourself at the reset screen.

Simply go through the options on the screen, and you’ll have your box back to factory settings in no time!

Simply rebooting or power cycling your DireCToV receiver doesn’t change anything you’ve previously selected or recorded. Resetting to the defaults erases everything, including the programs, recordings, and settings that were previously selected.

Resetting everything resettles your entire setup, including any recordings, parental controls, etc.

Reenable Parental Control

After resetting, you’ll need to turn on parental controls again.

To do this, follow these steps: 1) Select the menu icon 2) Select Settings 3) Select Parental Controls 4) Select the appropriate setting 5) Enter your password 6) Press OK 7) Your device will now be locked until you enter your password again. Parental controls will be back to normal.

Reconnect Your Receiver to the Internet

Receivers need internet connections to update themselves. A lot of them use internet connections to program schedules. This means that you should make sure that you have a fast internet connection.

Plug the ethernet cable carefully into one of the ports on your high-speed modem. Join the free end of the ethernet cable into the Ethernet port located at the backside of your satellite receiver.

Turn on the TV, computer, and modem. Your receiver will search for internet connections. A confirmation prompt appears after connecting to the internet.

How To Fix problems With DirecTV Channels

If you’re a DirecTV customer and your channel isn’t working, try changing your antenna or cable box. If those options aren’t helping, call DirecTV and ask them to send someone out to help.


If you’re having problems with your DirecTV, check the power supply, verify the TV input, check the cables, reboot, and reset the receiver.

Check the Receiver’s Power Supply

Power supply is working fine. There must be something wrong with the receiver.

The receiver should be plugged into an electrical outlet. The power button should be pressed.

The problem could be with the receiver, or it could be with the electrical outlet. Try using a different electrical outlet.

If resetting the circuit breaker didn’t work, try using the receiver on another working electrical outlet.

Check TV Inputs

Check if the TV is set properly to the correct input connection. You need to connect your receiver to the correct port on the back of the television.

Check for DirecTV Service Outage

There might be issues with the DirecTV services. You should check if there are any outages notifications from DirecTV in your receivers’ inboxes or send an email to the customer care service team.

Check All Cables and Connections

Cable problems are the most common reason why people experience DirecTV not working. You should check your cable connection before calling customer service.

A broken coaxial cable, or HDMI or ethernet cable can also be the reason why your TV signal is lost. Try replacing the old cable with a new one and see if the problem still exists.

Reboot the DirecTV Receiver

If you find no issues in the cables, then it might be due to metadata build-up in your receiver. Rebooting the DirecTV receiver can fix this issue. To do this, unplug the power cable of your receiver from the power socket.

Wait for a few seconds and plug it again.

Plug the receiver power cord back onto the wall socket. Wait for the device to boot up. Check if your TV Signal is back.

Ensure You Have a Valid Subscription

If there is a problem with your plan, you need to contact customer support.

You should contact your cable company if your DirecTV is suddenly turned off.

Reset DirecTV Receiver to Factory Settings

Resetting the receiver to factory settings will often solve any problems.

If Your DirecTV NOW is Not Working

You should try to use an alternative browser or a different device if possible.

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing the cache memory and browsing history improves the performance of the DirecTV Now app. Deleting the cache memories and browsing histories frees up space that can be utilized by the app.

Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DEL in combination removes all the caches from your computer. Clear data removes all the cache files from your computer. Relaunch your browser.

Resign into Your DirecTV Service

Logging out and logging in again is a common resolution to the DirecTV app. This method allows the service provider to verify and update your credentials.

Reinstall the App

I’m having trouble with my DirecTV NOW app. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, as it can fix any corrupted files in your DirecTV NOW app. Also make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the DirecTV NOW app.

Download the app from App Store (iOS), Google Play or Microsoft Store.

Restart Your Router or Modem

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You should switch off your device before restarting your router. Restarting your router may fix the issue.

Your device should be powered by the router/modem, but you need to switch it off first. Then unplug the power cable from your router/modem. Plug the power cable back to the router/modem and then turn it on. Turn on your device.

Contact Support

Troubleshooting technical issues can get quite tedious, but if you want an easier way out of this problem you should try calling the DirecTV customer service department, which is available 24/7 to help you.

Final Thoughts

DirecTV often needs to be fixed because of bad weather. Thunderstorms and rains can interrupt the signal. Hopefully this guide has helped you learn how to get everything working again!