How To Sign Out Of Hulu On Roku

How do I sign out of an app on Roku?

The only way to sign out of your Roku account is to factory reset your Roku device. If your Roku has a reset button, hold it down for about 20 seconds until the power LED starts to blink, then release the button.

How to Sign Out of Hulu on Roku

Hulu is a popular subscription service that provides access to a variety of movies and TV shows. You can stream Hulu content on your Roku device, but you’ll need to be signed in with an active Hulu account. If you’re ready to change, update, or sign out of your Hulu account on your Roku, here’s what you need to do.

Steps for Signing Out of Hulu on Roku:

  • Open Your Hulu App: The first step is to open your Hulu app on your Roku device.
  • Navigate to Account: Once the app is open, navigate to the Account tab in the left sidebar.
  • Choose Sign Out: At the top of the Account page, choose the Sign Out option.
  • Confirm Sign Out: Confirm that you want to sign out of Hulu on your Roku device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be signed out of Hulu on your Roku device. You can then sign in with a different Hulu account, or exit the app and come back to it later when you’re ready to start watching.

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