How To Turn Off Closed Caption On Hulu

If you’re tired of seeing those distracting captions while watching your favorite shows on Hulu, don’t worry – turning off closed captioning is easy and only takes a few steps.

Whether you’re using a computer, phone, tablet, or streaming device, you can quickly disable closed captions and enjoy your favorite content without any interruptions.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of turning off closed captioning on Hulu. We’ll cover how to access Hulu settings, navigate to the closed captioning options, and disable closed captioning on different devices.

So, if you’re ready to get rid of those pesky captions and enjoy your shows distraction-free, keep reading!

Accessing Hulu Settings

To turn off closed caption on Hulu, you’ll need to access the app’s settings. Customizing Hulu settings is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Start by launching the Hulu app on your device and navigating to the main menu. From there, select the gear icon located in the top right corner of the screen to open the settings menu.

Once you’re in the settings menu, you can customize various aspects of your Hulu experience. This includes playback quality, subtitles, and closed captioning. To turn off closed caption, select the ‘Audio & Subtitles’ option.

From there, you can make any necessary adjustments to your subtitles or closed captioning settings. If you’re experiencing any issues with Hulu playback, troubleshooting Hulu playback issues can be done in the same settings menu by selecting the ‘Help’ option and following the prompts to diagnose and fix any problems.

Navigating to Closed Captioning Options

First, you need to access the playback settings for the video you’re watching to customize the closed captioning appearance or troubleshoot any issues. To do this, start playing the video you want to watch and click the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open the playback settings menu.

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From there, scroll down until you see the Closed Captions section. You can choose to turn them on or off entirely, or you can customize the appearance of the captions by selecting from different font sizes, colors, and styles.

If you’re experiencing any issues with closed captioning, you can also select the Troubleshooting option to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with the feature.

By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to turn off closed captioning on Hulu or customize it to your liking.

Turning Off Closed Captioning on a Computer

Once you’ve accessed the playback settings menu for the video you’re watching on your computer, you can easily disable closed captioning by selecting the option that suits you best. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player.
  • Select ‘Subtitles & Audio’ from the menu that appears.

Under ‘Subtitle Settings,’ toggle the switch next to ‘Closed Captions’ to the off position.

If you want to adjust the font size of the subtitles, click on the ‘Font Size’ dropdown menu and choose a size that works for you.

If you want to enable audio descriptions for the visually impaired, toggle the switch next to ‘Audio Descriptions’ to the on position.

By following these steps, you can turn off closed captioning on your Hulu video and adjust the font size or enable audio descriptions if needed. This will allow you to enjoy your video without any distractions or unnecessary features.

Turning Off Closed Captioning on a Phone or Tablet

When viewing videos on your mobile device, it’s easy to silence the words on the screen. However, if you prefer to keep the audio on and turn off closed captioning on Hulu, you can do so in just a few simple steps.

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To turn off closed captioning on a phone or tablet, open the Hulu app and start playing the video you want to watch. Tap on the screen to reveal the playback controls, then tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner to access the Settings menu.

From there, select ‘Captions & Subtitles’ and toggle the switch next to ‘Closed Captions’ to the off position. You can also adjust font size and customize the caption style to your liking in this menu.

Now you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any distractions from the captions.

Turning Off Closed Captioning on a TV or Streaming Device

If you’re tired of reading the dialogue on your TV screen, it’s simple to disable closed captioning on your streaming device or television. To do this, go to the settings menu on your device and navigate to the closed captioning or subtitles section. From there, you should see an option to turn off closed captioning altogether.

In addition to turning off closed captioning, you may also want to adjust other settings related to subtitles. For example, you can adjust the size of the subtitles to make them smaller or larger, depending on your preferences. You can also customize the subtitle font to make it easier to read or more aesthetically pleasing.

By exploring these options, you can create a viewing experience that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some shows on Hulu not have closed captioning options?

Closed captioning accessibility for users on streaming platforms is required by law. However, some shows on Hulu may not have closed captioning options due to licensing agreements or technical limitations.

Can closed captioning be customized to display in different languages?

Closed captioning preferences on Hulu can be customized to display in different languages. This feature allows users to select their preferred language for subtitles. Customizable languages may depend on the availability of the content.

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How do I turn on closed captioning for a specific show or movie on Hulu?

Enabling accessibility for those who need closed captioning on Hulu is easy. Simply select the show or movie you want to watch, click on the CC icon, and turn on closed captioning. Troubleshooting issues? Contact Hulu support.

Is there a way to adjust the size and font of closed captions on Hulu?

To adjust the size and font of closed captions on Hulu, navigate to the Accessibility menu and select Closed Captions. From there, you can adjust the color contrast and font size. Additionally, enabling closed captioning for live TV is also an option.

Will turning off closed captioning affect the audio quality on Hulu?

Adjusting audio settings is a separate function from closed captioning. Turning off closed captioning will not affect audio quality on Hulu. If you are troubleshooting closed captioning issues, adjust the settings accordingly.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully turned off closed captioning on Hulu! Now you can watch your favorite shows and movies without the distraction of text on the screen.

It’s amazing how such a small feature can make a huge difference in your viewing experience, isn’t it? However, it’s important to remember that closed captioning isn’t just a feature for those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

It can also be helpful for those who aren’t native speakers of the language being spoken or for those who simply prefer to have the text displayed. So, while it may be tempting to always turn off closed captioning, keep in mind that it can be a valuable tool for accessibility and inclusivity.