How To Uninstall Apps On Roku

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How do I uninstall and reinstall YouTube on Roku?

To do that, select the YouTube app in the list of apps on the Roku home page and then press the asterisk (*) button. Select Remove channel, and then choose Remove. After the app is deleted, go back to the Roku channel store and reinstall a new copy of the Roku app. In most cases, you should be back in action.

Have you found yourself wanting to uninstall apps on your Roku streaming device? Uninstalling apps can be done in a few simple steps and can help free up resources and declutter your home screen. Follow these steps to uninstall an app on Roku:

Step 1: Access The Home Screen

The first step is accessing your home screen. To do this press the “Home” button on the Roku remote.

Step 2: Navigate To The App Page

From the home screen, use the navigations buttons on your remote to scroll to the app you would like to uninstall.

Step 3: Select The App

When you have found the app you wish to uninstall, press the “*” button on the remote.

Step 4: Proceed With Uninstall

A menu should appear with several options. You will want to select “Remove Channel” to proceed with the uninstallation. Once you have selected this option another menu will appear asking you to confirm the removal of the app. Select “Remove” to proceed.

Step 5: The App Is Uninstalled

Once the app has been uninstalled it will no longer appear on your home page. To verify the uninstallation press the “Home” button again and the app should not appear on the app page.

Uninstalling apps on Roku can help you free up resources on your streaming device and declutter your home screen. Follow these 5 steps to uninstall apps from your Roku streaming device.

  • Access The Home Screen
  • Navigate To The App Page
  • Select The App
  • Proceed With Uninstall
  • The App Is Uninstalled