How to Watch Fox News Live Without Cable

How to Watch Fox News Live Without Cable

Long before the advancement of our technology, TV viewers can only watch news using antennas. This kind of broadcasting can cover local news networks, but not Fox News and all other programs alike. Those painful days are over! Thanks to the skinny bundle, we can already watch Fox News live without cable.

Cable companies offer skinny bundles which are TV packages with fewer channels at a minimal fee with no contract. It is a convenient way to watch Fox News live without cable and without paying for the extra channels you don’t regularly watch. To help you find a convenient way to watch it, let’s explore the following bundles.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is owned and managed by AT&T, one of the largest cable companies in the U.S. since Fox News is one of the most viewed live news in the television, the company makes it available even at the smallest package it offers, known as “Live a Little.” For as low as $35 per month, you can already watch Fox News live without cable.


FuboTV first offers streaming service mainly for the soccer sports coverage. Due to the public demand, the company expanded its service by giving their viewers a chance to watch Fox News live. Its base package costs $39.99 per month, but you can get it at $19.99 for the first two months. This package includes 75 channels and free DVR that allows you to record up to 30 hours of content. It means that you can also record the Fox News programs for later viewing.

Hulu with Live TV

At the lowest price of $39.99 per month, you can already have Hulu With Live TV where you can access a total of 55+ channels. As a bonus, the package also includes unlimited access to the Hulu Video On Demand content library.

One benefit of having Hulu with Live TV is it has a great platform that allows you to use it even different devices such as Android and iOS, 4-gen Apple TV, web browsers, and Xbox consoles. Therefore, you have lots of means to watch Fox News.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another recommendable way to watch Fox News live. It used to be a gaming system and currently, it’s already making its name to the live streaming. With it, you can watch live TV on various devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV. Of course, Fox News live streaming is also available. You may choose among the PlayStation Vue bundles, and the prices vary on the numbers of channels you can access. You can watch Fox News live at its “Access” package, which costs $39.99 per month.

With the help of many devices we have nowadays, watching Fox News is made easy. Thanks to the companies who exert their effort to provide what the viewers enjoy to watch at their television. Now, you would never miss your favorite Fox News program again! Using those alternatives we recommend, you can already watch Fox News live without cable on the go!