How To Watch Insecure For Free

How can I watch Insecure in Canada?

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Insecure is an American comedy-drama series created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore that follows the awkward experiences and feelings of Issa, played by Rae, and her friends in their Los Angeles suburb. Many people enjoy this show, but oftentimes have the question of how to watch Insecure for free. Luckily, there are various viable options for viewers to watch Insecure for free.

Where to Watch


HBO Max is a subscription platform that allows viewers to access content from HBO, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, CNN and more. A 7-day trial is available for HBO Max, which gives viewers the opportunity to binge-watch all the episodes of Insecure for free.


Hulu has the first four seasons of Insecure available on the streaming platform. Viewers can watch Insecure free with the 7-day trial and watch the new episodes of season 5 – which are scheduled to air on HBO Max.

International Streaming

For international streaming options, viewers can check Hotstar and Alibi for UK streaming of Insecure. For users in India, the newest episodes are available on Hotstar. Australian audiences can watch Insecure on Foxtel Now and watch the previous four seasons on Osn. Canadian viewers can watch Insecure on Crave.

Friend’s Account

A potential free option to watch Insecure is to ask a friend or family member if they have an HBO Max, Hulu, Hotstar, Alibi, Foxtel Now, Osn or Crave account. They may be able to share their password and login information with you to access an account and watch the show for free.


Q: Is there a good way to watch Insecure for free?

A: Yes, HBO Max, Hulu, International streaming, and using a friend’s account are all viable options for watching Insecure for free.

Q: Does Hulu have all the episodes of Insecure?

A: No, Hulu has the first four seasons of Insecure available on their streaming platform and the new episodes from season 5 will be airing on HBO Max.

Q: What streaming platforms are available for international viewers to watch Insecure?

A: Hotstar and Alibi are available for UK streaming, Hotstar is available in India, Foxtel Now and Osn are available in Australia, and Crave is available in Canada.


Whether viewers are trying to catch up on Insecure or want to watch the new season five episodes, there are various options to watch Insecure for free. These options include 7-day trials of HBO Max and Hulu, international streaming platforms, and using a friend’s account. Enjoy watching Insecure!